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We now import the best yohimbe supplement on the market.  

The field of herbal medicine got a boost in 1938 with the discovery of the alkaloid yohimbine HCl (hydrochloride), a potent compound found in the Yohimbe bark of the evergreen tree, Pausinystalia. The extract from this bark is useful for the treatment of impotence as well as effective in reducing body fat and other human ailments. The successful application of Yohimbe for impotence, sold as both aphrodisiac and fat loss aid gives it the popularity it enjoyed today and earned it the best Yohimbe supplement ascription. The extent of its usefulness is beyond imagining as it is suspected to contain other alkaloids that make it even stronger than earlier thought.

The Pausinystalia or Corynanthe Yohimbe is a tall evergreen tree of West African origin. The bark of the tree called Yohimbe produces alkaloids used as a sexual enhancer for centuries with remarkable results. Report have it that Yohimbe contains up to 6% total alkaloids, 10-15% of which is yohimbine. The yohimbine chemical is found in the bark of the yohimbine tree, extracted and sold in varying alkaloid concentrations. It is marketed as everyday Yohimbe bark powder, to 2% to 20% alkaloids extracts. The report has it that the more the alkaloids concentration, the more its effectiveness for sexual enhancement, but only a small dosage is needed. One product produced from Yohimbe extra is Passion Rx. It is also sold as Yohimbe herb capsules packaged in bottles.

Best Yohimbe supplement used for sexual enhancement works best for both male and female. While it helps men with erectile functions, it is an excellent stimulant for women. Women who use it have reported good feeling sensation and engorgement of genital organs when used within a small dosage recommendation to avoid adverse effects.

How Yohimbe works

If you do find the best Yohimbe supplement, it widens the blood vessels to increase blood flow all parts of the body that require free blood flow. It is suspected to boost fatty acid mobilization for optimum body functioning. It produces more noradrenaline to arouse the body central nervous system. Yohimbe increases the body content of nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels dilation for optimum blood circulation. Though there is no clear understanding why Yohimbine HCL is so useful as an aphrodisiac, one thought that the combination of increased blood circulation and boost in body energy might be responsible.

Better sexual energy in both men and women

For you to benefit from the aphrodisiac power of Yohimbe, it is best taken just before sex. The best Yohimbe supplement works on male and female genital sensitivity by stimulating the sacral region nerves. Yohimbe is best known for its effective natural way of boosting sexual performance for men and women who desire intense sex making experience. In a study published in 1997 in the International journal of impotence research, it reported yohimbine HCL as significantly more effective than placebo. People who participated in the study reported improved sexual urge, satisfactions, regular sexual activities and better erection while sex last.

In another event involving 86 patients with erectile dysfunction with no clearly identified organic or psychological causes, yohimbine hydrochloride was put to the test in a 1977 German double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical test. Test participants were administered the oral dosage of 30mg of yohimbine HCL (two 5 mg tablets thrice daily) for eight weeks. Test participants were followed up after four weeks’ treatment and after eight weeks for the final visit.

The study efficacy evaluation was according to subjective and objective criteria. The subjective criteria take note of improvement in sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, the rate of sexual contacts, quality of erection (penile rigidity) during intercourse. For the objective criteria, the result according to improvement in penile rigidity was determined by using polysomnography in the sleep laboratory. The overall result of the study found yohimbine HCl notably better than placebo in the range of 71% vs. 45%. Only 7% was rated tolerably fair or poor with mild most adverse experiences. On the overall, no adverse or severe reaction occurred.

Mechanism of action, how yohimbine works

The best Yohimbe supplement made from the extract of Yohimbe bark contains yohimbine, an alpha-2-adrenergic blocking agent that stimulates the nervous system to increase blood supply to users’ genital areas. While various pharmacological materials of yohimbine are already described, at the plasma concentration attained in human when used in recommended doses, the principal activity is antagonism of alpha-2-adrenoceptors. Yohimbine is a substance naturally occurring in Yohimbe bark called alkaloids, while its effects make users sexually active, Alkaloids are a bitter tasting compound that triggers many types of chemical reactions in the human body, and it is unclear if all variants of alkaloids promote increased sexual activity or not.

It is also of note that alkaloid is found in several types of plants in Central and West Africa and that includes the bark of the Yohimbe tree.

Two ways Yohimbe is added in a supplement:


  • Yohimbe bark extract: A natural and concentrated powdered form of the Yohimbe tree bark. It contains a little quantity of yohimbine.


  • Yohimbine HCL: The yohimbine molecule, containing Yohimbe extract in combination with a hydrochloric acid.


Whatever the form of yohimbine supplement taken, it works the same way on the body by stimulating the nervous system to activate the body’s fight or flight response to cause it effects. Its action on the body causes the release of catecholamines into the bloodstream; this body chemical can raise body temperature and blood pressure.

The released chemicals, mainly adrenaline and noradrenaline, can connect with fat cells through receptors called adrenergic receptors, a clock-and-key mechanism, capable of triggering fat burning.

For those interested in burning excess body fat, several studies have alluded to yohimbine supplementation fat burning capability as providing a legitimate way of burning fat.

The fact that yohimbine accelerates body basal metabolism and limits appetite as does caffeine or synephrine is the reason for the thought that yohimbine possesses a fat burning capability. No doubts, the best Yohimbe supplement are a mild stimulant, which helps limit appetite, but there is more to its ability to burn fat.

Yohimbe fat burning capability explained

Let’s recall that fat cells are catecholamines receptive, with primary catecholamines being adrenaline and noradrenaline. The two receptors of fat cells for catecholamines are Alpha and Beta receptors. And both work differently.

Explaining how these receptors work is a little complex, but what is important to note is that when catecholamines connect to beta receptors, it mobilizes fat cells for burning. On the other hands, when the chemicals combine with alpha, it does not mobilize fat cell.

Therefore, in order to burn fat, beta receptors are best burner, while alpha receptors are not.  You need to know that a few adipose body tissues (fat) have more of alpha receptors than others making such body tissues resistant to fat mobilization than other fat deposits in the body.

Now you see why it’s hard to lose some fats. Such stubborn fat you complain about despite all the fat loss programs, they refuse to go down. It explains the reason it’s hard losing the few last pounds in the lower abs for men and hips and thighs for women.

Read more about how yohimbe burns fat

Now, the coming of yohimbine

Yohimbine molecule is a friend of alpha receptors. It binds more readily to alpha receptors than it does with beta receptors. When it connects with the alpha receptors, it switches them off; this action allows your blood catecholamines to bind with beta receptors instead. Now the yohimbine effect is to make fat loss possible by demobilizing alpha receptors from stopping fat loss.

One interesting fact is that the highest deposit of fat in the body are in alpha receptors; the stubborn fat! Yohimbine helps to make losing these stubborn fat deposits easier and faster.

Yohimbine bodybuilding and muscle training benefits

Question: Does best Yohimbe supplement benefits athletic performance and better bodybuilding outcome?

Answer: Unfortunately, athletes and bodybuilders cannot count on the advantages because Yohimbe benefits do not include improved energy or endurance as it uses cause an increase in body temperature as a side effect and this will reduce athletic performance, including bodybuilders.

How to get the best Yohimbe supplement

Yohimbe supplement is available as OTC herbal medicine in health food and online stores. Yohimbe bark is available widely in various dosages and extract potencies in 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and up to 20% alkaloids. No precise dosage recommendations for the extract due to the inconsistency of manufacturers in content or extract potencies.

The difficulty in recommending dosages for the extracts was corroborated by a study that analyzed twenty commercial aphrodisiac preparations and showed the quantity of yohimbine expressed as maximal dose per day ranging from 1.3 to 22 mg. You can take Yohimbe as a tea, but ready to deal with its bad taste; also the root is not used as a sexual enhancer. The tree is an evergreen tree native to West Africa, and the bark contains yohimbine and other substances; which of course may well be for other purposes.

The herbal value of Yohimbe has been used for impotence spanning many decades, but it came to limelight when Viagra became popular impotence drug. The yohimbine quantity in nutritional supplements differs with some having a small amount, and others contain high quantity. The use of yohimbine hydrochloride as a standard herbal medicine is available as a prescription medicine. But note that when you go for the OTC type, there will be a certain quantity of yohimbine contained but functions according to the potency of the extract and amount of alkaloids present.

Fat burning supplements

Many manufacturers of fat burning supplements are aware of the power of Yohimbe, and that is the reason Yohimbe is contained in the ingredient list on the products. Now this is the catch; you can buy the raw ingredients for these drugs and definitely, Yohimbe is part of the ingredients to buy instead of going for the costly brands.

See the effect of yohimbine for yourself

While evidence for Yohimbe as a fat loss aid may sound unconvincing to some, it does not take away from its value as a potent fat burner. The cliché that the taste of the pudding is in the eating and seeing is believing is truer for Yohimbe as a fat burner. At least, many people are aware there are many effective natural medicine supplements out there that are not officially approved yet they are an excellent treatment for many health conditions. Even pharmaceutical companies who produce branded drugs for impotence and weight loss and sell them at killing prices did carry out their studies and test trials, yet you cannot trust them. Instead, you can go for natural medicines produced from single and pure natural ingredient and see for yourself how effective they are.

Yohimbe side effects

The likely side effect of yohimbine happens with the increase in neurotransmitters, which results in high blood pressure and heart rate, also causing headaches, anxiety, dizziness, sleeplessness and nausea. The best yohimbe supplement is best advised to speak with your doctor if you intend taking Yohimbe if you are already administering other prescription medicines. For a high blood, heart or kidney disease or at risk patient, it is best to avoid taking Yohimbe.

With contemporary evidence, one cannot predict whether Yohimbe can help burn fat locally. But in theory, yohimbine’s action on the alpha receptor-related fat stores for female‘s lower body should mobilize local fat loss. However, many people, in practice, will likely fail in getting the desirable result for failing to follow McCarthy’s recommendation to administer a moderate dose of yohimbine maybe 5±10 mg in the morning one time daily before exercise (McCarthy. 2002). He also recommended fasting for 4 hours minimum afterward.

Because it is not likely to hamper weight loss, try using 200mg of caffeine and 10mg yohimbine HCL for 30 days prior your morning cardio. You will note that without the exercise and fast that follows, you may end up wasting time and money. Even for an overweight female slow weight burner or you an older person in whom the typical beta-agonists lose their efficacy even as the anti-lipolytic response to alpha-2 agonists, as always, the potential beneficial result of best Yohimbe supplement are fully present.

best yohimbe supplement


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