Deltropin 100 | c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside


The Highest Quality c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside supplement in the world.  Patented protect and clinically validated by research studies. 

  • Helps support burning of fat
  • Helps support decreasing fat storage
  • All natural
  • Super rich in anti-oxidants from the maqui berry.

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Product Description

Deltropin 100, c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside,  is a standardised water extract of maqui berries, which is only grown in the country of Chile. Maqui berries by nature are very potent in targeted flavonoid species known as anthocyanins, in particular a subcategory of these called  delphinidins. These flavonoids types are characterised by their very glowing purple colors. These vibrant flavonoids are present in most berry species, yet in maqui berries they are so plentiful that the pitch purple color makes them appear black. A published research has shown that maqui berry is the richest in flavonoids and also has the highest antioxidant content of all berries in existence.


We offer the highest quality c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside in existence.  Please view our manufacturing flow chart.

c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside




New Dimension in weight loss.

The extract in Deltropin 100, c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside moderates the uptake of glucose itself and therefore, adds an entirely new dimension for naturally controlling dietary carbohydrates. Specific the extract in Deltropin 100 species limited to maqui berries are understood to act on the sodium glucose co-transporter facilitate.

c3g cyanidin 3-glucoside


The extract in Deltropin 100 delays glucose absorption

Other Benefits of Deltropin





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