Dr Colker’s 8 Pack Ab Intensive Book




Product Description

Hi I’m Alex Rogers, president of Proteinfactory.com and it’s no secret, Dr. Carlon Colker is well known as one of the smartest minds in the supplement & fitness industry and happens to be a good friend of mine, and that long time relationship is about to pay BIG dividends for YOU.

You see amongst a plethora of accomplishments in the supplement industry, Dr. Carlon Colker pretty much invented the original Ephedra. 

Say what you want about it, but that was an amazing discovery, people swore by it for fat loss.

In 2015 he just helped us reformulate a NEW fat loss supplement he is touting as, “even better than the real Ephedra,” called Citidrene.

In addition Dr. Colker just wrote a new book, complete with an eating regiment, diet and training plan, which I figured you might want to read called “5 Day Intensive For 8 Pack Abs.” 

It’s a real book about ab training, from a real expert in bodybuilding, not like these self-proclaimed Instagram experts.   What makes this book different, is that Dr. Colker knows how the ab muscles work. And that is what makes the book and routine so different and effective. It is a professional routine, not a quasi fitness expert celebrity trainer from Beverly Hills routine.

You’ll get this book free with any purchase of Citidrene.