Force 440 | Unflavored | 2 lbs (Bundle of 4)


Force 440 is the ultimate workout powder!

  • 30 servings per bag
  • No illegal compounds!
  • May help promote anabolism

Product Description

Please don’t call Force 440 a pre workout! Why? Because 440 is nothing like 99% of the pre workout supplements being sold today. Instead, call Force 440, your must-have powder to train. Call it your special sauce. Call it your secret weapon. Quite frankly, I don’t care what you call it but please just don’t call it a pre workout. The word pre workout has been tarnished by all the garbage out there now.  


What is Force 440?

Force 440 is a powder to be used before you work out to help support increased anabolism in your body. Force 440 is based on one of the most extraordinary powders of all time, formulated by the original supplement guru, Dan Duchaine, called Ultimate Orange. 

How Does Force 440 Work?

Force 440 works by harnessing the power of anabolic cell volumization.  

How Does Force 440 Help Increase Anabolic Condition?

Two ways: Force 440 helps drive more leucine into the muscle cell, and, secondly, it may help support the inhibition of protein breakdown and may help support an increase in protein synthesis via cell swelling.  

Is this the same as a “pump”?

Yes and no. Technically there are two forms of the “pump.” One is what I like to call a “blood pump,” which is swelling of the cells between the muscle cells, and “volume pump” is swelling within the muscle cells. Force 440 is the “volume pump.”  

Why It Matters

Bottom line, a PUMPED muscle is in a condition of anabolic growth.  

Does Force 400 contain ephedra like the Original Ultimate Orange?

No ephedra is illegal. However, I replaced the ephedra with an exceptional ingredient called guayusa. It comes from Ecuador and Peru. Native people in that region of the world gave the plant the name “Night Watchman” because it gave them the energy to hunt at night. Not only that, but it is a nootropic as well, helping support level of Dopamine (DA), Norepinephrine (NE), Serotonin (5-HT), Histamine (HA), and Acetylcholine (ACh) in the body. I thought it was the perfect ingredient to add to Force 440.  

WARNING: The guayusa I used is a PATENTED product. There are ripoff versions of guayusa being sold on Amazon etc. These are garbage. 

What else is in Force 440?

Ingredients to promote the pump, which in turn promotes anabolism, which in turn helps your muscle grow.

Will Force 440 give me the jitters like caffeine?

Jitters and shakes no. More awake, more energy, more alert, and more of a CLEAN feeling, YES! 

No caffeine crash either.

Why did you use a proprietary formula?

Listen to my podcast, and I’ll tell you why. 

How To Use Force 440

Take one serving 45 minutes before training.

You can mix it with water or any juice of your choice.

Optional Stack

Take 1 serving of Tectanic Red 1 hour before Force 440 or take combined with DAM’D.

 Ultimate Orange was a genius formula because Duchaine wanted it to help users GROW muscle, not just get them wired like today’s pre workout supplements. The original Ultimate Orange contained pre digested protein, carbs, and fats. Then Duchain improved the formula by adding other nutrients, and the results were outstanding.

However, the original Ultimate Orange is now extinct. Yes, if you Google Ultimate Orange, you’ll see it being sold, but, in my opinion, all this is a feeble attempt to recreate the original, which is impossible.

That’s where I come in.

I wanted to re-create the original Ultimate Orange, but better. How do you say? Well, the year is 2022, and nutritional technology has increased since then. I have access to better ingredients; my Jedi knowledge has increased over the past 20 years from formulating products and experience in the industry. The result I created was Force 440. Force 440 is genuinely an anabolic aid to help increase muscle growth and to be used BEFORE you train.