Insulin Control Fat Loss Stack



Insulin is the #1 enemy when comes to weight loss.  If you can control insulin and increase your stored fat to be burned as energy, you’re going to lose body fat.  This is the perfect stack for that.

Do NOT underestimate this stack.

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Product Description


Do NOT under estimate this stack for losing weight!!

I believe controlling your insulin is one of the most effective ways to control fat.  Control insulin and you’ll burn more fat naturally.

Two of the most UNDERRATED products in this stack is the Oligonol and the RALA.

I cant say enough about Oligonol.  It is the ONLY product that is a pre digest super fruit.  Which means its super absorbably and effective.  Not only will it help you regulate insulin in the body, but it help burn more fat around the mid-section.

R-ALA from Gerovona is the highest quality lipoic acid in the market.

Deltropin is another phenomenal product that helps you use more fat as energy, have less fat stores, and burn more fat cells that are in your body’s storage.


Take 1 or 2 caps of Deltropin 45 minutes before eating

Take Oligonol with water in between meals

Take R-ALA post workout.

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