Massacr3 with Laxogenin | 60 capsules


Natural Muscle Building:

  • No messing with hormones
  • No mood swings or anxiety
  • Safe, gradual lean mass gains

Everyday use:

  • No caffeine, sugar, or unnatural stimulants
  • No need to cycle
  • Increase energy, blood-flow, and recovery
  • Effective for both men and women

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Product Description

Gains. We all want them. Bigger, faster, stronger is the name of the game.

Unfortunately, in the quest to add more muscle and strength people are often led down a path that leads to unhealthy eating habits and unnatural gray-area supplements that can cause more harm than good.

MASSACR3 is a 100% NATURAL muscle-building formula that focuses on a small group of scientifically backed ingredients that will help you pack on lean muscle safely and at the proper pace. We focus on powerful, plant-based ingredients that gradually work together to increase muscle mass while also repairing and improving overall health. To take it a step further we also include our PhytoFUSE™ technology which is proven to increase absorption of the ingredients to ensure your body will reap the full benefits.

MASSACR3 utilizes that natural plant-based muscle builder: Laxogenin.  Laxogenin is a very popular ingredient on the market but the problem is it’s usually severely under-dosed! Not here. MASSACR3 includes an industry-leading 300mg which blows away the competition and with the PhytoFUSE™ technology you can be sure you are getting the highest possible amount.

Olympus Labs was the first to bring the revolutionary nitric oxide ingredient, Vaso6™, to the market. It’s such a proven powerful ingredient that we include it in MASSACR3 as well. This helps relax the blood vessels and increase nutrient delivery during workouts, another way it works with Laxogenin to ensure delivery.

Finally, we are proud to say our innovation does not stop there. We are the first company to also bring UroBolin™ to the market. Urolithin B has been proven to enhance the growth and differentiation of muscle fibers by increasing protein synthesis. This means better recovery and more lean muscle!