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The World’s first pre workout, nitric oxide supplement to guarantee the level of nitrates through 3rd party lab testing.  Contains 200mg of natural nitrates per serving.

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Product Description

First before you buy Tectanic Red it is important that you know HOW this product is going to work for you to give you incredible gains.  No pre workout side effects either!


Our new Tectanic, now called Tectanic Red is a combination of beet root juice and red spinach extract.  But it is not just ordinary beet juice and spinach powder.  It has been engineered to contain extra ordinary levels of dietary nitrates.  No other pre workout supplement in the history of sports nutrition has the natural nitrates listed on the back of the bottle. NOBODY!!  This way you know EXACTLY how much dietary nitrates you are consuming.  And you’ll feel the power of TECTANIC RED, without the common pre workout side effects.


What is Tectanic Red?

It is our pre workout supplement & nitric oxide supplement

What does it do?

It promotes a better pump by supplying your body with natural nitrates.

What makes Tectanic Red different than other similar nitric oxide pre workouts?

  1. it is the only pre workout, nitric oxide supplement to list the amount of natural nitrates on the back of the label.  Tectanic RED contains 200mg of nitrates per serving, verified through 3rd party lab testing.  No other similar supplement will give you the natural nitrate content.  Tectanic RED is the first one in the history of the supplement industry to do this.

No pre workout side effects

How come there is no caffeine in Tectanic RED?

Common pre workouts simply give your body a dose of caffeine which in turn released cortisol in the body.  Cortisol is a powerful catabolic (muscle wasting, fat promoting) hormone.  It is probably the WORST thing you can use pre workout.  So why is it used in so many pre workout supplements?  Because supplement companies know that caffeine is a power stimulant that you can feel working quickly, and they think that if you can feel it working, you think it is good for you.  It is a giant scam.  Instead you should give your body high levels of nitrates.  Nitrates are PROVEN to be beneficial to your muscles.  With Tectanic Red, forget the pre workout side effects.

How do I use Tectanic RED?

Take 1 serving about 30 minutes before you workout, train, exercise, or begin a sporting activity.  Simply take with water or mix with other vegetables like spinach, kale, and beet juice.

WARNING:  AVOID CAFFEINE & MOUTHWASH.  This will have a reverse & negative effect on Tectanic RED!



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