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Product Description

Tongkat Ali is a natural testosterone supplement.  However many people want to know about tongkat ali side effects.

LJ100 is Tongkat Ali root super-concentrated into a 100:1 water extract standardized to 40% glyco saponins, 0.8% eurycomanone and 22% eurypeptides. Sophisticated manufacturing methods ensure a product that is free from contamination. LJ 100 is classified under the World Health Organization, Global Harmony System, Classification of Chemicals, in Category 5 – no toxicity.

LJ100 is the only clinically proven Tongkat Ali extract for sports nutrition and andropause.  It is featured in two additional published human clinicals in 2014, bringing its published human clinicals to 12 for LJ100® no other Tongkat Ali ingredient boasts such a portfolio of proof of efficacy and safety.  LJ100 has undergone a patented extraction process to capture the most potent, biologically active eurypeptides shown in studies to increase libido, energy, enhance sports performance and rejuvenate youthfulness and fertility.

Created by the original researchers at the University Malaya and MIT (Boston, MA), this product has been shown in human clinical trials an ability to increase DHEA, increase free testosterone, and decrease hormone binding globulin (SHBG). LJ100® also increases cGMP and cAMP.  The bioactive eurypeptides significantly boost libido drive and function, in both men and women, by increasing testosterone and inhibiting the  Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), so that more free testosterone remains in the blood. Further, LJ 100 supports vitality by maintaining healthy IGF-1 levels, improving energy via accelerated production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and maintaining healthy androgen levels without affecting prostate-specific antigen in men.

In general, condition-specific product applications for LJ 100 include: supports libido function, supports physical and mental energy, supports hormonal balance (cortisol/testosterone ratios), and enhances both sports performance and healthy weight/fat loss.

Six clinical studies focusing on libido dysfunction in men all yielded positive outcomes in the areas of increased libido/desire, increased sperm motility, and increased erectile duration and sufficiency. Two studies showed a “side effect” of fat mass loss versus placebo. One study showed that LJ100 had a similar action to that of sildenafil via increasing nitrous oxide release, which in turn increases cGMP, allowing for erectile function.

Relatedly, andropause (characterized by low testosterone), of which sexual dysfunction is part, also includes such symptoms as increased fat mass, loss of strength, fatigue, and low moodLJ100 was shown in a trial of older men to increase testosterone levels, thus improving their Aging Male Symptom scores.

LJ100’s applications for enhanced fitness and endurance for sports nutrition is supported by several clinical studies. One study of middle-aged men and women demonstrated significant increases in total and free testosterone concentrations and muscular force output. One endurance study of a 24-hour mountain biking event, showed a significant rise in testosterone compared to placebo, and significantly lower cortisol levels, allowing for extended endurance.

High cortisol levels are associated with visceral fat, and research shows that LJ100, combined with citrus bioflavonoids (CitruSlim) triggered not only body weight loss but body fat loss in a cohort of moderately overweight men and women. The cortisol/testosterone ratio in this study decreased significantly in the LJ100 group vs an increase in the placebo group, suggesting that LJ100 may help promote a favorable anabolic state, result of which also include better mood and healthier cholesterol levels.  Another placebo-controlled  study showed LJ100 encouraged improvements in blood glucose levels, IGF-1, HDL cholesterol, testosterone and DHEA levels, among other improvements after two months of supplementation.

Tongkat Ali, as LJ100, can be a viable daily supplement for a wide group of populations:  young athletes and trainers, middle-aged men and women seeking to maintain vitality and vigor, and the elderly seeking to restore energy and endurance.

Tongkat ali side effects

Most users do not experience any side effects with this supplement.  However you want to make sure you are getting the highest quality tongkat ali you can.  HP ingredients and LJ100 is the highest qualtiy in the world.  If you do not get this brand chances are you are getting stuff made in China.  And if you want tongkat ali side effects then you can be sure you’ll get them by using Chinese made tongkat ali.  Therefore to avoid tongkat ali side effects simply buy LJ100 or LJ450.