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Product Description

Wazz sports is back from the lab with another mind-blowing formula, the burning ‘Twisted Tabz’!

Containing over 5 different sources of stimulant energy, at just one cap, you’ll feel ruthlessly ready to tackle your obstacles head-on, loaded with the energy and motivation to break new ground with your training and weight loss goals.

For those who pull out all the stops and say no to limitations, when the alternatives aren’t good enough and the other methods don’t work, there is ‘Twisted Tabz’.

In keeping with the same high strength stimulant energy as the pre-workout twisted, it is everything you can expect you’d want in a fat burner that intends to get the job done. What are you waiting for? #Gettwisted!

Twisted Tabz: the ultimate energy pill. They aren’t called ‘the ultimate energy pill’ for a laugh and a joke, these little, yellow 2.4cm tablets of loveliness take energy to a new level. They can also be taken as a ‘fat burner’ if that’s what you’re into; some people are, some people aren’t… freedom of the mind… decisions…

These are great for that crazy kick of energy you need for anything physical – to workout, party, study, even to do a little dance or run around the house dressed in nothing but your winter gloves.

No other energy pill compares.

These tabz (1 tab) should be taken 30 minutes prior to any physical activity. DO NOT EXCEED ONE TAB PLEASE.

*DISCLAIMER: We say please because manners are free, but Twisted Tabz are not.*