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Put Down The Weird Shakey Weight, Throw Out The Bogus Supplements, And Prepare Yourself For A Shocking Wake Up Call As…

Weight Loss Industry Insider Exposes All Of The Downright Scams And Tricks To Reveal The Weird Truth About Weight Loss

After this short presentation, you’ll discover all of the secrets fat guys spend millions hiding from you.


There’s one thing I have to congratulate you on…

You haven’t given up.

Despite scams and B.S. “opportunities” being thrown at you left and right…

You still haven’t given up on your goal to lose weight and live a healthier, happier life.

And your determination is finally going to pay off, starting today…

I’m going to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

To finally crack the code and discover why you can’t seem to shake the excess weight that nags your midsection, thighs, arms or legs…

Keep your eyes glued to this page

Because all of the groundbreaking weight loss truths you’ve been looking for are right here, including:

  • Why each and every diet, weight loss method, and exercise routine you’ve tried has failed you miserably (and it’s got nothing to do with you)
  • Why the diet and weight loss industry snickers behind your back every time you try a new diet plan, buy a new piece of exercise equipment, or purchase a new weight loss supplement
  • How I cracked the code, and why I’m exposing the weight loss industry as the fraudulent, fad-driven megalith that it is.
  • How to never again waste your hard-earned money on gimmicks, scams and methods that do not work.


It’s time to face facts.

…Or, face that nagging 10-20 pounds you’re desperate to shed.

First, you need to meet this presentation with a completely open mind.

You need to forget years of lies that companies have spent millions of dollars to engrave in your head.

And hopefully, forgetting all of the garbage about low carb, high exercise, “buy this supplement” stuff won’t be that difficult, because…

The stuff you’ve been trying just doesn’t work.

No matter how expensive or shiny that bottle is…

No matter how convenient that at-home-food-delivery program seems…

It hasn’t worked for you. You’re still not happy with your body.

So do yourself the first of many favors you’re going to do for yourself today…

…and just forget it. It’s ALL crap. I’ll show you…

And you probably already know, deep down, what the truth is…

The truth is, that the diet and weight loss industry is doing everything in its power to keep the nagging extra pounds you’re trying to shed…

...on your body for good!

But I’ll get to that in just a little bit. First…

Take a deep breath, because you’re in a new zone now. You’re with like company.

You’re with a guy who couldn’t take the crap anymore, just like you can’t. So forget the horse shit, and watch a whole new world open up for you, damn near instantly…

FORGET that you have to quit the foods you love and eat grass and wheat germ instead…

FORGET that guilty feeling when you don’t waste 3 hours of your day on the treadmill…

FORGET those flat-out stupid commercials that badger you to buy a gimmicky piece of garbage exercise machine…

FORGET the concept of “fad” diets entirely. Ever notice how fad diets are all a rage, then they die down? That’s because all a fad diet will ever do is burn water weight. As soon as the jig is up, no one talks about it anymore…

FORGET the hundreds, or thousands, of dollars you’ve been spending on “new-age” pills, powders, shakes, gym memberships, and delivery services.

Now, take a moment to be glad that you’re forgetting all of this nonsense, because it’s the only way that the clear, true path to weight loss will appear before you.

The diet and weight loss industry would crucify me for this, if they could.

Why would they crucify me? Well, deep down, you probably already know that, too.

If you’re one of the few who manages to take the blindfold off and discover the true secrets to weight loss, you wouldn’t be one of “their” customers anymore…

These big corporations don’t want you to lose weight…

They want you to be their customer for life.

How else are they going to stay rich, after all?

I’d bet my house that you already know that the bland diets, weird supplements, tedious cardio, and nasty prepackaged meals don’t work.

Why would I make that bet?

Because you’ve already tried all of that stuff before!

And here you still are, dissatisfied with your body, looking for a solution.

That’s why I have to congratulate you. Because today…

Today is a brand new day. Today you’re going to discover the secrets to weight loss that have been hiding in plain sight…

…secrets that guys I know would cringe at me revealing to you…

The truth about the weight loss industry’s quest to keep you fat, and how you’re going to stop chasing your tail…

And start a proven successful, and shockingly easy, weight loss regiment TODAY.

Sounds pretty bold, huh? You’ll see exactly how, so don’t worry.

Before we get into that, it’s critically important that you know exactly who I am, because…

I know these guys personally. I know their tricks.

I’m not a doctor, supplement-pushing nutritionist, or anyone else with an agenda. Just a mad-as-hell weight loss insider who decided that he can’t take it anymore.

Hey. I’m Alex, and I’ve spent decades going “against the grain” to create my own supplement manufacturing company.

And here’s the thing about how most “supplement” pushers work…

The big kahunas of the supplement industry don’t manufacture ANYTHING themselves. They simply buy phony pills and sell them on to you for 100x more than they paid…

…they sell you your hopes and your dreams, nothing else.

Most of these supplement executives have never done a push up…

They’re grossly out of shape, if you saw them in the flesh, they’d be the last guys you wanted to talk to about losing weight…

You wouldn’t buy a single pill from them. I promise.

When I started my own manufacturing company, however, my team and I created supplements from scratch, using actual ingredients that work…

I’ve always believed in a healthy lifestyle, and you probably know that it’s impossible for EVERYONE out there to be a B.S. artist, and you’re right…


In fact…

I don’t have a supplement to sell you today…

Today, I offer you nothing but the truth…

Inside Weight Loss And Fat Burning: Suckers, Scams, Lies, Fad Diets, Bogus Products, And How Not To Become A Victim Of The Weight Loss Industry And How To Start Losing Fat Now you’ll discover…

  • A Wake Up Call: Why all of the excuses you’ve been using about your weight are total crap. Including, but not limited to…
    • “It’s my genes”
    • “It’s my nationality”
    • “It’s because I’ve quit smoking”
    • “It’s my metabolism”
    • “I’m an emotional eater”

None of these things make a bit of difference with regards to your weight, and we’re going to stop those negative thoughts in an instant.

  • Taking It Further: How to protect your children from being overweight. You probably know that childhood obesity is a true epidemic, and you’ll discover exactly how the food industries target you and your kids. Even if you don’t have kids, this will shed light on how you get triggered into overeating, and eating garbage that deep down, you don’t even want. This is the first step to permanent, life-long fat loss.
  • Secret Ingredients: 3 ingredients that actually DO block fat, cabs, and suppress the appetite. And guess what, the weight loss industry HIDES THESE FROM YOU! But, no longer! You’ll know exactly what you need to get skinny fast.
  • The First Successful Supplement: How I stumbled upon the first actually worthwhile supplement I ever created, and how you can get your hands on it right now and put it to work for you.
  • How Lots Of Cardio Will Screw You Over: Hard and fast evidence that lots of boring cardio exercise will NOT make you healthier, but will make you this weird thing called “skinny fat,” which is unattractive and unhealthy, even though you slave for hours at the treadmill.
  • How They Get You: How supplement-pushers trick you into thinking their bogus pills are working. Once you know this sneaky insider secret, it will open a whole new world to you and you’ll never be a sucker again, you’ll see!
  • You Don’t Want The Kitchen Sink: What “kitchen sink” supplements are and how they’re designed to trick you into thinking they’re effective, when the guys creating them have NO idea what they do or how they can help you. It may sicken you how these guys only pray on your hopes to make them money, but you’ll never be a victim again.
  • What To Avoid, Specifically: You probably see ads for these dangerous things all over the place, yet you should avoid them like the plague because they’re unsafe and a total scam. I’ll reveal exactly what they are and prove that they’re not good for you, even causing death in the past.
  • A Sneaky Trick: How supplement pushers trick you into buying what is just plain, old, caffeine. Yep, you read that right, these guys will stop at nothing to make an extra dollar off you, but you won’t give them another penny after today.
  • You Can Eat What You Want! The stone-cold truth the weight loss industry works night and day to hide: you can eat WHATEVER you want and lose weight, even Twinkies all day long (I’ll prove it), but you need to know how to pull that off the right way, and I’ll reveal that too.
  • Every Other “Plan” Revealed To You: You may see ads for “new” and “innovative” diet plans all the time, but it’s a flat-out lie. I’ll reveal exactly what those diets are, so you don’t have a spend a single red cent yourself.
  • Exercise Machines That Do and Don’t Work: There are lots of machines out there, and some work but most don’t. You’ll never waste your money again once you know exactly what to look for in an exercise routine (if it’s hard or boring, it won’t work, I guarantee it!)
  • Honest People You Can Trust: Needless to say, not everyone is a bullshit artist. It’d be impossible for the whole world to be filled with scammers! I’ve put together a list of diet, nutrition, and health experts who tell it like it is when it comes to weight loss. They also reveal tons of worthwhile information and I’m going to hook you up with them.
  • What Actually Works: Actual weight loss supplements that work. These are things I take to outrageous success that boost my health, energy and keep me slim. You owe it to yourself to have this vital information.
  • The 7 Guidelines for selecting a safe and effective weight loss supplement. These guidelines will be your shining light in the dark waters of scammers and fraud. You’ll know exactly what to look for in a supplement and how to ensure that it will work for you.
  • 5 Things To Throw Out Of Your Cabinet Right Now: These 5 things are detrimental to your weight loss, and odds are, they’re sitting right in your cupboard…
  • 5 Guaranteed Steps To Weight Loss: These include ways to motivate yourself, exercise quickly and effectively, and eat better without cutting out the foods you love. This is the true method to simple and fast weight loss that “experts” have swept under the rug for generations. Now, the truth will be yours.

And much, much more.

As you think about getting inside Weight Loss And Fat Burning, you realize how great it’ll feel to never again be at the mercy of a too-good-to-be-true commercial or ad, and to finally lose the weight that’s been stuck to you, and live a healthier, happier life…

And guess what…

My intentions are completely selfish…

I believe in a balanced karma scale, and what that means is, by helping you, I inevitably help myself…

I’m taking responsibility for all of the crooks out there, and making up for it to you…

You should take responsibility for yourself, too, because the gurus and so-called experts won’t take responsibility for you (but you already know that).

After you get Weight Loss And Fat Burning, you’ll know the truth, and you’ll be protected from scams and fraud that prey on your desire to lose weight…

You’ll be protected from ever making another bad weight loss investment again…

And you will be on the only truly guaranteed path to weight loss…

So let’s take a quick second out to celebrate (trust me, it’s worth it).

Celebrate saying goodbye to dropping $30/month or more on going to the gym.

Say goodbye to spending $999 on that piece of exercise equipment that’ll do nothing but be an eyesore in your living room or den.

Say goodbye to spending $99/month on pills that will make your heart race for a few hours, but won’t help you shed a pound of fat.

Truly! Celebrate! Because you’re never going to waste that money again once you get Weight Loss And Fat Burning

In fact, what are you going to spend that new found savings on?

Maybe you’ll finally pick up the sexier clothes you see donning mannequins in store windows.

Or go on dates with old or new partners that, with your new found vigor and confidence, will be steamier and more passionate than ever before.

Or maybe you’ll go on vacations and show off your healthier, slimmer body on hot beaches.

Or maybe you’ll do ALL of these things with your new body and more exciting life, just like hundreds of others have before you…


“I have never read anything like this about weight loss and fat burning”


“After reading this book I became enraged at some of the company’s selling these products”

“After reading this book I threw out all my fat burning pills and capsules and went grocery shopping”


“Alex Rogers has balls of steel for writing this book, a lot of people are going to be unhappy”


“The dietary supplement industry is going to take a big hit on their sales of fat burners.”


“The common sense approach that Alex Rogers’ uses having to do with weight loss is nothing but brilliance”


“All I can say is Wow and I can’t thank Alex enough”


“Oh my gosh, a weight loss product that doesn’t try to sell you something. All it is doing is giving you the facts. “


“I’ll never buy another product having to do with weight loss again”


“I just returned a diet book I bought at the store and told the clerk the only book he should have in the “diet section” is Alex Rogers’ book”


“This book is well worth its weight in gold!”


How much is the trim body you want worth to you?

How much is more stamina, improved health, and a life with more vitality and energy worth to you?

How much is an extended, healthier life worth to you?

I know those things are worth a lot, because you’ve already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to get there.

But today is a new day.

Today, you’ll make the last weight loss investment you’ll ever make, guaranteed.

To celebrate the launch of Weight Loss And Fat Burning I’m releasing the guide to the public for the lowest one-time investment ever. Rather than the hundreds you’d have to shell out on exercise equipment, pills, point-counting programs, and gym memberships, your investment in yourself today will be a low, one-time $19.99. That’s it. For the cost of one meal out, you can tap into all of the slimming secrets that the entire weight-loss industry has been hiding from you.

After this launch period has ended, however, you will have to invest more for Weight Loss And Fat Burning, a minimum of $97. Don’t wait to discover the secrets to an instantly slimmer and sexier body.

Since your investment today is completely risk free, there is no reason not to satisfy your curiosity and get the secrets to an immediately more slender-looking body right now.

Click the link below to secure your copy of Weight Loss And Fat Burning and finally have a body that you enjoy and are proud of, starting today.

I Want To Know The Weight Loss Secrets The Industry Has Been Hiding, Before This Limited Time Launch Special Ends!

Are you ready to get an exclusive look inside the secrets that are guaranteed to make you lose weight, secrets that have never been revealed before?

And are you ready to access those secrets with no risk at all?

As you think about getting this system, imagine that happy feeling you’ve been looking high and low for, finally filling you up as friends say to you “What have you been doing lately?” and “What is your secret?”

You’ll smile gladly that you have the secrets they don’t.

Without working out, tasteless diets, and without dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars, you finally lost the weight, and it was easier than you ever thought it could be…

…You start today.

Hold onto that happy feeling. You deserve it. It’s right here at your fingertips, all you have to do is click the button below and pick up Weight Loss And Fat Burning.

Go to your next party, date, and social event feeling more confident than ever, and without doing any of the painstaking work you’ve associated with losing weight in the past.

Secure your copy of Weight Loss And Fat Burning by clicking on the download button below, right now.



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