What Is Progentra

Progentra seems to be a popular sexual enhancement supplement. In this article I will review supplement and see if it actually something special or just an average run of the mill sexual enhancement supplement.

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I went over to progentra.com and viewed their website. It is a marketing website without a doubt. Progentra claims to be a best selling male enhancement product, but never really goes into details on what it can do. And rightly so because their is no such thing as a dietary supplement that will make the penis grow. I wrote a lengthy article about the best male enhancement pills here.

Ingredients In Progentra

I looked online and I was able to find the supplement facts panel for Progentra.

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The ingredients in this supplement are nothing special. In fact all of the ingredients have been used for decades. Therefore nothing about Progentra is cutting edge or scientific. One could probably find hundreds of supplements like this one simply by going to any vitamin store like GNC or Walmart.

The first ingredient in Progentra is Tongkat Ali. This ingredient has been around since the 1990’s. Supplement companies have been using it in hopes to help males with their testosterone. However most the Tongkat Ali supplements that are on the market are garbage products from China. The best tongkat ali product is called the LJ 100 and LJ 450 and Progentra does not mention that they use the brand of tongkat ali.

The next ingredient in Progentra is L-Arginine. L-arginine is used in the hopes that it will increase blow flow to the penis. This is complete poppycock. L-arginine will not help you increase blood flow to any part of the body, especially the penis. Supplement companies have been trying to market that l-arginine will increase blood flow but it has been proven numerous times that l-arginine is ineffective at increase the “bodybuilding pump”.

The study below is one of numerous studies proving l-arginine does not increase blood flow

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L-Arginine Does Not Increase Blood Flowhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26280946

After that Progentra has a proprietary blend of ingredients that contains tribulus, horny goat weed, and a couple of other ingredients that supposedly help with testosterone. I can profoundly say that horny goat weed is a complete garbage ingredient. In the 1990’s a supplement company called Pinnacle tried selling it as the latest and greatest ingredient to increase male enhancement and it turned out to be a big flop. I remember I attended the Arnold Classic expo in Columbus OH and saw this supplement company trying to market horny goat weed to the hundreds of thousand of people in attendance by using models wearing very little clothes and giving about monkey puppets. Needless to say Pinnacle is no longer and business and smart supplement companies know not to use horny goat weed. In my expert opinion horny goat weed will do nothing for anyone that uses it.

Progentra Side Effects

Progentra will not have any side effects. One will not get any acne, because this product does not raise testosterone levels high or long enough to cause any of the side effects associated with anabolic steroid use.

Progentra Reviews

I went over to Amazon.com and looked at the reviews. In all honestly, I would not trust a supplement Amazon.com review as far as I could throw it. It has been known for quite some time that most supplement reviews on Amazon.com are fake. Meaning that the supplement company will simply pay someone to legitimately buy the product and then write a stellar review about it. One time I had a company call me up and ask me to partake in their services in which they would tell their database of thousands of Amazon.com buyers to buy my product and then they would write a 5-star review. Granted it would have cost me about $5000.00 plus the product cost. They told me that I would need to do this for about 200 bottles. You have some great Progentra reviews, but you cannot tell if they are fake or not.

The Final Verdict

Progentra is nothing more than a run of the mill testosterone supplement. The ingredients in Progentra are nothing new and they have been used by other dietary supplement companies for over 20 years. I do not believe that they worked a decade on trying to formulate this product because it’s nothing new or cutting edge. Additionally, there is not one single dietary supplement that will make a penis grow. If a person wants to try to increase blood flow to their penis or increase blood flow in general one can simply consume beetroot powder like my Tectanic Red and combine that with citrulline peptides.


Male enhancement dietary supplements often contain drugs that are hidden inside. One must be very careful not to purchase these products. Viagra is often used in products like these. Here is an example of a supplement that contained the drug similar to Viagra.