Sorry I Don’t Look The Part…..

I made this Youtube video the other day.

It’s an ad for Youtube.  If people are interested in learning about protein they get the book.  It’s a very good book too.  If you haven’t gotten it already you should because it has some great stuff on protein powders.  But anyway I woke up the following morning and was informed by Youtube that I had a “comment” on my video…here’s the comment.

New activity on your video: Learn How Make Your Protein Powder Build Muscle - - Gmail 2015-10-17 09-12-45

Before I emailed the guy back, it got me thinking about what he said and the “state” of the supplement industry right now.  If you take a look at a lot of the supplement companies today, they are “owned” or “headlined” by guys that look like this.

Here’s Rich Gaspari from Gaspari Nutrition

rich gaspari

or this.

Ronnie Coleman from Coleman Nutrition

ronnie coleman

or this

Jay Culter from Culter Nutrition

jay cutler

Now it is my PERSONAL OPINION that you can only look like this if you take anabolic steroids.  Hey, it is just me guessing but I’m guessing that these guys take a lot of drugs to look like this.  If anyone disagrees with me I’d love to hear the reason why you think these guys look like this are natural.

Then you got Youtube.  If you post about supplements on Youtube you have to look like this.  These two guys have a lot of subscribers on Youtube and portray themselves as supplement experts.

Chest Workout 4 Weeks Out From Pro Show in Queens, NY! - YouTube 2015-10-17 12-58-13THE TRUE F*CKING milligrams - THE TRUTH - LOGIC - USE YOUR BRAIN - Rich Piana - YouTube 2015-10-17 13-01-14

Again, in my opinion..these two guys look like they take anabolic steroids.. And in my opinion the only way you can look like this is if you take steroids.

All of these people pictured above as associated with supplement companies one way or another..they either own them or something along those lines.

Then there is me.  I’m 42.   I have three kids ages 10 to 16.  I obviously run and have been doing so for the last 16 years. In my spare time I do several things…

  1. I live 2 blocks from the beach at the Jersey Shore so I surf, bodyboard, and body surf.  If there are waves in the summer I’m at the beach.  I’d rather be in the ocean than in the gym.  I’ve been doing this since I was 6 years old.
  2. I like to ride my bike.  Mostly with my girlfriend or my dog.  I’d rather be riding my bike than in the gym.
  3. I like to take my dog to the beach and hiking.  He loves to swim in the ocean and loves to run in the woods.  I’d rather be at the ocean or hiking than in the gym.
  4. I play ice hockey 2 to 3 times a week.  I’d rather be playing hockey than in the gym.  

And of course before all of this comes my family.  Spending time with my three kids, my girlfriend, and father are very important to me.

However I have always loved to lift.  I love the pump.  My favorite routine is a 5 minute bicep curl, tricep push down with cable, just keep going from bi’s to tri’s for 5 minutes straight no rest and you’ll have the best pump of your life!  However I cant get to the gym as much as I would like.  I get there maybe 3 times a week, however the summer I cant get to the gym at all. But back in college I was training twice a day.  My best lift was a 500lbs deadlift my senior year in college at a body weight of 195lbs.  I also won the bench press contest at a body weight of 165lbs.

Of course I was using supplements and that lead to the whole reason why I started  I was trying to get bigger using the shitty supplements available…mainly whey concentrate and noticed that nobody was selling whey isolate, so I was the first person to do so.

Fast forward almost 20 years later and I have become a manufacturing supplement expert.  I have dealt directly with the FDA and it’s head honcho, I have worked with lawyers, and consultation agencies that deal in supplement manufacturing.  I have visited manufacturing plants around the world, and have sold one of my formulas to a public biotech company.  I employee qualified people that deal directly in supplement manufacturing.  Myself and my company are supplement manufacturing experts.  I love supplements.  That is my passion.  I love to formulate, manufacture, discover, research, and whatever else is associated with supplements everyday.  I think about supplement ideas in my sleep!

That being said, I cannot deadlift 500lbs anymore nor am I going to win any bench press competitions. I’m not even close to looking like those guys above.  I will never take anabolic steroids, I feel they could cause cancer which I do not want.  My current passion in life is not to deadlift 500lbs again, I have an important job.

[clickToTweet tweet=”My job here at is to sell you the highest quality supplements in the world. ” quote=”My job here at is to sell you the highest quality supplements in the world. “] My second job is to provide you with the TRUTH about supplements so you can make intelligent decisions when you go to use them.  I would feel that MOST of you would want me to be much, much better at manufacturing supplements and preaching the truth about them than my ability to dead lift 500lbs, look good doing a double bicep pose, or taking a selfie for my Instagram account with my shirt off standing in only a towel with my pubes showing!  Doesn’t me being a BETTER expert in supplement manufacturing directly impacts your results?  How does me looking like these guys above help you?  IT DOESNT!!  (unless you are masturbating to it).  And for those people out there who actually think that “dietary supplements” got these guys to look they way they do, you are clearly naive.  And the same people that think these guys are more qualified than me when it comes to manufacturing dietary supplements just because they look like this..again, they are clearly naive.

So sorry I don’t look the part Don Lifter 3.  But if you want to buy supplements from these guys and take their advice just because they look the part, be my guest, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.