This page on my site is a collection of supplement reviews. Videos and pics of customers talking about products.  You’ll notice that you’re not going to see any “fake” endorsements from someone that I paid to say they use my products.  That is what other supplement companies do to make you believe that using their supplements will make you look like some juiced up bodybuilder.  If you want truthfulness, honesty, and accurate information about supplements, there is no better place than  Text me with any questions  732-901-9600.  Thank you..Alex, (CEO)

Keep in mind that most supplement reviews you read online are fake. had a huge problem with fake reviews.  So much that Amazon themselves started to file legal action against companies posting fake reviews on their site.  Remember the goal of any supplement website is to sell you supplements.  Therefore the supplement reviews that you see is a marketing technique in a way to give you “proof” per se that the supplement “works”.  It is very hard to determine what is real and what is fake.  Who’s to say that the supplement company themselves is posting supplement reviews about their own product pretending to be a buying customer.

I think one of the best ways of determining what supplement to buy is reaching out and talking to the owner of the company.  Too many supplement companies are anonymous.  You have no clue who the owner is, which is not good.  Make sure that you know who the owner of the supplement company is before you buy it, and see if you can reach out and talk to them.

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Bio Serum 1 Customer Review