Supplement Sheriff Is Coming!

I need your help.  Comment below and tell me which supplement you’d like me to test next.  Please “tweet” and share this post on Facebook.

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In 2010 the FDA changed their regulations on dietary supplements and created the Code of Federal Regulations 111’s.  These are the laws supplement companies must follow to distribute supplements.

These laws apply to all supplement companies WHOSE NAME in on that particular supplement., whether it is a supplement company that physically manufacturers the supplement or uses a private label/contract packager to make their products.  I wrote a good article about supplement companies who think these regulations do not apply to them…click here to read it.

The FDA has done their job to enforce the regulations on my company.  The FDA has inspected my facility and my supplements about 2 twice a year for the last few years.  However the FDA has NOT done a job enforcing their regulations on 95% of the other supplement companies.  Especially when it comes to so-called sports nutrition industry companies.

Therefore I am taking it upon myself to test supplement companies products to see if they truly contain what they say they contains.  Keep in mind I do know of a company called  I think their website is a useless as a fart in a space suit.  Because from what I can see, they seem to only show companies whom PASSED their lab tests.  For example, I look at the pre workout supplements they analyzed.  I went straight to the bottom and found two supplement companies that they gave a “D” grade to.  Upon trying to find a 3rd party lab analysis I couldnt find it, nor could I find which ingredients they failed for.

Here are why my tests are going to be so much better.

  1. I will be testing for ingredients that I know are expensive are typically “short-changed” in supplements
  2. I will be testing pro-hormones
  3. I will let you view the 3rd party lab analysis.

I have already tested a companies pro-hormone products and it failed.  My test showed that it actually contained DHEA instead of 1-andro!

Here’s the test.  As you can see, no Androsterone in it.  Here is what the lab emailed me….

From Advanced Labs: “The number was so low that reported it in mg/g. The result was <0.1 mg/g meaning theoretically that it would also be <0.1 mg/cap as well.

We have a cap weight of 0.5642g, though this did not factor into the equation. We also sent a separate email with a note from the chemist. He said this product does not contain Androsterone – it contains DHEA.”

Wow, talk about a scam!!


However I called the company that failed my test and he said he was going to rectify the failed test and prove it to me.  Look, I’m not a complete asshole and I’m going to let the guy fix the problem. It would have been a different story if he told me to go fuck myself.  Everyone is entitled to make a mistake and then fix it, nothing wrong with that.  It is when you blatantly say I don’t give a rats ass and continue to rip off the consumer.

The next supplement I’m going to be testing is a product that contains DMAA, which is I believe an illegal ingredient.  However supplement companies are still using it.  I want to know if it is really in there.  Because I have a very hard time believing that a contract packager would risk his entire business making a supplement with DMAA, because they can be sued as well in an injury relating to DMAA consumption.

Comment below on Facebook comments, on which supplement you would like me to test next.