We all have occasional problems staying focused at work. You know those days when you scroll around on your phone, can’t seem to stay seated and focused on the task at hand. Your mind wanders and you keep looking around aimlessly.

If you notice that your eyes gloss over by 2 PM in your workday, you’ve probably wondered if there’s anything you can do to keep yourself focused on the task at hand and finish your day strong.

That’s why we’ve got your back with the 5 best ways that you can stay focused during your workday.

1. Turn Off Your Phone Notifications

Step one to staying focused at work is getting rid of distractions. 

When you’re at work, you need to stay focused on your work. It’s easy to lose minutes and even hours of your day scrolling endlessly through your social media and checking the news on your phone. 

You can avoid this by turning off your notifications on your phone or even putting it on do not disturb mode. This will lessen the chances that you’ll be checking your phone during the day.

2. Try a Natural Supplement

Another great way to boost focus at work is by taking a natural supplement in the morning or during the day.

A supplement with stress-reducing valerian root and L-Theanine can help you stay focused during the day without letting your mind wander to anxiety-inducing thoughts. 

When you’re calm instead of anxious it’s much easier to be present, exist in the moment, and focus on what you’re doing now instead of worrying about other stressors that aren’t relevant to the moment.

3. Get Enough Sleep the Night Before

To set yourself up for success at work the following day, you need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before.

There isn’t much worse you can do for your health or your focus than not getting enough sleep. When your body isn’t rested, your brain can’t stay functioning at its best. It’s easy to get distracted when you have no energy to focus.

Try setting an alarm for an hour before bed on workdays. When the alarm goes off, make sure you put the phone away so that you have ample time to get yourself to sleep.

4. Set Hourly Goals

Instead of coming up with an endless to-do list, try breaking your list up into smaller, more manageable chunks. 

Try to get something small accomplished each hour. Maybe it’s sending one important email. Maybe it’s beginning to organize that updated spreadsheet. Whatever it is, try to set small goals for yourself throughout the day. 

Incorporate taking small breaks after each major task or every hour. This helps you work in chunks with the promise of some time to relax in between tasks. Pacing yourself is essential to remaining focused and finishing up the workday strong.

5. Take Deep Breaths

The most important part of staying focused and having a good day is taking some deep breaths. When you get overwhelmed at work, it’s impossible to stay on track.

Just keep breathing. If you need to step away to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom, go ahead and do that. Your mental health and stability should come first, then work will come easier.

Staying Focused Makes the Day Go Faster

When you are able to remain focused at work and keep pushing through tasks, it helps your workday go by faster. So use these steps to remain grounded and focused at work to crush those deadlines and get some work done.