The Supplement Awards Are a F’in Joke & Sham!

Every year a major bodybuilding online site comes out with their “Supplement Awards”.  These supplements awards are the biggest joke in the history of the supplement industry.  Typically when you think of an Awards Ceremony, like the Academy Awards or the Oscars, you think  the winners are chosen by a group of professionals and peers from that industry.  Thus the winner of the award has some because he was chosen by this large group of peers and professionals in the industry.  With the so-called bodybuilding supplements awards the winners are chosen by (we can only guess) the owners/officers/v.p’s and whomever else works for this company.  Talk about a joke?  These guys are experts in selling bodybuilding supplements and marketing their junk.  Not formulating supplements, manufacturing them, or following FDA guidelines.  Companies that are guilty the most are….

[wpsharely]I guarantee not one of these guys has EVER created a bodybuilding supplement.  I bet one of these guys has never conducted a single study on a bodybuilding supplement.  The only thing they have done is try to figure out a way to sell a lot of bodybuilding supplements that they have never created.  The bodybuilding supplement awards is nothing but one giant scam.  One year one of the winners was responsible for a huge FDA recall because their “fat burner” was killing people.   In the 2012 supplement awards one of the winners was using an illegal drug called DMAA in the product.  And yes people did die taking the product.  The FDA finally caught up to them and cleaned house.  The Brand of the year was a company selling an nitric oxide product based on L-Arginine.  As you might have read here previously L-Arginine is one of the biggest scams in supplement history.  NEVER has L-arginine been proven to do anything for nitrates levels in the blood.  And the award “breakout brand”.  Well that’s the biggest joke.  The former owner of this large bodybuilding site allegedly is on the board of directors of the company that was awarded “break brand”.  Hmmm do you think it had anything to do with the fact that he used to own this bodybuilding site?

And to make me want to vomit even more is that every year at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio they bodybuilding awards are handing out during a pathetic ceremony.  What a joke this is!  This just goes to show you what a lousy, disgusting industry the sports nutrition industry has become.  Idiots trying to make money selling you their worthless supplements by scamming you with their overly hyped marketing techniques.  And the bodybuilding supplement awards take the cake and one giant fraud.