The Supplement Truth Sometimes Hurts, But We Press On!

Part of my mission here at is to show everyone the scams, lies, bullshit, untruths, and B.S. marketing that many supplement companies spit out there.  Why?  Its fun for me.  I wouldnt do it if I didnt enjoy it.  But for you…it provides valuable information so you dont waste you money on B.S. supplements sold by scam artists.  The scam artists come in all different sizes from large publicly traded supplement companies to small retail stores selling Gamma-O.

I know I am getting the word out about how the sports nutrition industry is filled with a bunch of scumbags when I start getting a lot of hate mail.  For some reason when I point out how someone’s favorite supplement company is blantaly ripping them off, not following correct FDA quality control laws, how a supplement is not really THE BEST, how their protein is spiked, mis-branded, and whatever else, it pisses people off.  They take offense that I just pointed out that the company whom they’ve trusted for years was all along ripping them off.  Not sure why….maybe it is dis belief, sadness, mommy didnt show them enough intention, their girlfriend only lets them have sex once a week, or something else.  Anyway here’s the latest email I got from some guy.


I replied with this.


You see, I dont believe in sucking a customers ass when they insult me flat out and right off the bat.  If he didnt like my emails he could’ve simply unsubscribe or politely disagreed with me in a email.  Supplementation is very objectionable.  Instead this loser sends the email as above.  Clearly I probably should’ve ignored his email like I do alot of people but maybe my years of getting bullied in elementary school and not enough dr, shrink sessions didnt help with this one.  It’s funny too because assholes like this guy go on social media and try to portray themselves as a VICTIM.  Check out this Phils Instagram post.

IMG_0188 (1)

Notice how he didnt put what he FIRST emailed me.  So Phil, next time you post someone’s should try to post the TRUTH, instead of trying to make yourself out as a victim.  Phil most likely was the little boy that pulled his sisters hair for no reason and then when his little sister punched him in the nuts making him cry…. Phil would run to his mommy crying that his sister punched him for no reason.