Top 4 Tricks & Lies Told By Supplement Companies & My Top Picks

How do you know which are the top supplement companies and which ones are flat-out crooks?  It’s funny because I was writing an article today on my new protein powder that is coming out this week or next week and while I was writing the piece I got served in my inbox with an ad for some pre-workout supplement by some random supplement company in Canada.  And I have to admit, the email was great.  It talked about research and patented ingredients.  Then after you clicked on the email it took you to a website with a video, and some guy came up on the screen talking about working out.  The video had clips of guys working out, cool music, and a good story.  Then just as I started to get a feeling of jealousy it dawned on me that this is just another slick marketing company that knows nothing about manufacturing supplements.  I want everyone that is reading this email to be crystal clear on some “things” in the supplement industry.  By reading this article it will give you my reasons why I chose the top supplement companies below in my list of 9

  1. Supplement company’s research is complete bullshit. The so-called supplement research studies are so tainted with scum, scam artists, and bribery it’s not even funny..if you believe those pictures with guys in lab coats playing around with the supplement that is being sold….then I gotta bridge to sell you.


  1. Supplement company’s do not INVENT anything. They buy ingredients from the REAL inventors and sell them. Like HMB or this m-Tor junk.  If you believe that supplement companies MAKE new ingredients, then you probably believe in Santa Claus as well.


  1. [clickToTweet tweet=”Supplement company’s try to INVENT new supplements simply by combining ingredients. ” quote=”Supplement company’s try to INVENT new supplements simply by combining ingredients. “]Nothing is new, its just blended with old ingredients that have been selling for years already.  There’s no such thing as ingredients working DRASTICALLY better when combined with other ingredients.  It’s bullshit.


  1. Supplement companies do NOT invent new protein powders.  They simply buy them from the manufacturers and sell them.  The last protein powder invented by a supplement company I invented.  And yes I did invent it.

So all this slick marketing by this supplement company from Canada that I was watching you have to remember is just smoke and mirrors.  When buying supplements you want to look for the quality control.  This is something that cannot be faked.  That is why I have such an easy time finding supplements that are low quality and sold without quality testing and following the FDA CFR 111’s.  There are good supplements out there.  The problem is the supplement companies that cheat you into thinking you’re buying these quality supplements when you’re really not.

For over 15 years I have been selling the world’s highest quality protein.  You will not find another company who has sold better quality than my company.  Protein is the key to muscle growth…the higher quality protein you can buy and use the better your gains will be.

Supplements on the other hand, not protein, supplements are very suspect.  The freakin Chinese make all the supplements.  All the shit your swallowing in the pre-workout you keep drinking…all those ingredients are from China.

Protein is your #1 choice when buying supplements. Always spend your money on protein before supplements.  Spend the extra buck on getting a higher quality protein like a whey isolate or Peptopro, instead of buying some new supplement.

Here is my list of the top supplement companies.

These are based on the following criteria.

  1. They are registered with the FDA
  2. They make their own products and don’t pay contract packagers
  3. I analyze their label for FDA compliance
  4. They use branded ingredients
  5. They provide 3rd party testing
  6. Advertising claims


Tera Whey





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