This Piece of Paper Means A Supplement Sucks Or Is Great…..

There is a giant scam going on in the supplement industry, and it involves lab testing.  Let me run this federal law by you and make sure this sticks in your head.


When the supplement is delivered from the contract packager to the supplement company’s warehouse they must put it under quarantine until they get a favorable lab test back.  If the lab tests fails they cannot release the product into commerce.  If the lab tests passes they can release it to be sold and consumed by you.

That means for every batch ran by a supplement company they must perform multiple tests on it.  Here is an example of the tests that we perform on a product before we can sell it to you.

oatmuscle lab test

Now supplement companies that are not registered with the FDA partake in a little scam to try to fool you.  These companies are smart so they will conduct random tests on their supplements and shown them to you to prove their supplements are lab tested.  Mean while, all their other batches of supplements are NOT tested and sold to you.

Another scam is that they will show you a lab test from their contract packager, instead of a lab test that they conducted.  This is probably the most common scam used.  Because it is easy to call up your contract packager and ask them for a lab test.  However what is worse is when the contract packager “fakes” the lab test.  Yes this can be done and I have seen it happen.  One time a had to threaten a contract packager of mine because he “faked” a lab test.

If you want a high quality supplement that is tested to prove that it is legitimate you first of course ask the supplement company for their FDA registration number.  But then to be extra sure you ask them for a 3rd party lab analysis with their name on it.  Not their contract packager.

Finally there is a website called Labdoor, which GRADES supplements with supposedly actual lab tests.  However they do not display the actual lab tests anywhere on their site.  At least I couldn’t find them.  Which is suspect to me.  Why cant you show the actual lab results?  My guess is that they are an actual lab and they just do the testing themselves.

As you can see the CEO of Labdoor also founded this lab called Avomeen.


In addition the whole IDEA behind Labdoor is meaningless because EACH batch must be tested per FDA laws and regulations, not just one batch by the supplement company.  This gives the potential buyer the idea that the supplements are lab tested everytime.  Labdoor is not good for the supplement consumers and Labdoor is really a waste of time.  Why are they a waste of time?  Because supplement companies are legally supposed to have 3rd party lab tests on every batch of supplements they sell.  You shouldnt have to go to Labdoor to check.

If Labdoor wanted to, actually HELP the consumer make wise supplement purchases they would first verify that the supplement company is registered with the FDA, which is required by law.

In my opinion, Labdoor is a half-ass site, which is just set up to make money with affiliate commissions.  If they were actually testing the products they would post the actual lab results.