Toochi Kash Vital Statistics

Toochi Kash is a glamour model.  Her real name is Natalie Nicole Salloum.  She also goes by the name of Italia Kash.  She is 5 foot 7 and 115 lbs.  She has about 2.7 million followers on her Instagram page.  She also has a twitter account.   I would not say she is a fitness model like Sandra Prikker, but more of a model like Jessica Weaver.


From what we can find out about her it seems her life is based on promoting her body and her good looks.

Toochi Kash has appeared on several men’s magazine covers including Playboy, FHM, and Maxim Magazine.  She is a self-proclaimed nudist.

toochi kash

It does not seem that she owns any business’s or promotes any products online.  She does not seem to have a website either.  On her Instagram page, she calls herself an entrepreneur but we could not find any of her businesses.

The only thing we could find was her Onlyfans page.  Onlyfans is a link that she puts in her Instagram bio that is clickable so it must be pretty important to her.  On her Onlyfans page she sells membership access to more pictures and videos of herself which I am sure is awesome.  Because, according to her Instagram page she is always traveling the world somewhere and always at some sort of party, whether it be from Maxim Magazine or a strip club in Las Vegas.  Most the time she can be seen with other gorgeous girls partying.  Her Onlyfans page is probably very interesting to see how she lives.

toochi kash

Upon searching her Onlyfans page we found that she says that she is from Orange County California.  Also on her Onlyfans page is a link to a website called Lexotica.  On that page she seems to be shooting herself having “romance” with other women.  Some sites claims that she is pornography but it does not seem like she has crossed that line into full pornography with other men.

On her Instagram page we did find a photo of her saying that she is going a show for a cam website.

Toochi Kash and the 2017 Terrorist Attack

In 2017 on New Years Eve Toochi Kash was in Istanbul Turkey celebrating at a club.  She left the club and minutes after an ISIS terrorist attack the club with an AK-47 killing about 30 people.  Here is more information.

italia kash

Toochi Kash Rumors

One time it was rumored that she was going to make an adult film with Farrah Abraham.  Toochi Kash posted on her Instagram pictures of her with Farrah.  Both of them were in bikini’s posting sexy photos of themselves together.  However we could not find any videos of Farrah with Toochi, so we assume no videos were ever made.

I would make sure if you are a fan of Toochi that you follow her on Instagram and Onlyfans because that is where she seems to be posting most of her latest happenings in her life.

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