Which Supplement Company Owner Takes the Most Selfies!

Ok so I was working on my Instagram page.  Here it is .  We have about 10,000 followers.  Not bad. I started marketing with it about 1 month ago and our following is increasing pretty rapidly. However, as a small business I wanted to see if my efforts on Instagram we’re worth it and how I could compare my Instagram page to my competition.  I also did this because Instagram followers can be bought.  You can buy Instagram followers very easily.  Here is one place I found simply by doing a Google Search.  Now being that the supplement industry is filled with scam artists, cheats, and con artists, I wanted to see if any supplement company was buying Instagram followers to make themselves look “BIGGER” & “more popular” than they really are.  When you make your company look bigger than it really is, you’ll drive more sales because people think, “Wow look how big this supplement company is…everyone must be buying from them..so I’ll buy from them!”. Believe it or not its an ego boost for alot of these supplement company owners as well.  Because we all know that supplement company owners arent vain right?

#SELFIE (Official Music Video) - The Chainsmokers - YouTube 2015-09-09 08-07-48


(Im sorry any GUY that takes that many selfies….you got issues man..freaking makes me laugh..but anyway..)

So I came up with something called engagement factor to calculate how active an Instagram page is and to potentially see if a supplement company is buying Instagram followers.  I’ll define active as being if the followers are interacting with a post or not by liking it.   The engagement factor is determined by doing a simple mathmatic formula.

The Engagement Factor Formula is:

I took the average mean likes of the 6 most recent Instagram posts on a particular Instagram page and divided it by the number of followers that page has. ( I did this on Sept 8th, 2015)

I then thought about some of the top supplement companies out there and calculated their engagement number.  At the end I also calculated Kim Kardashians Instagram engagement for a  “standard” because she is pretty much the top dog on Instagram.

I then made a bar graph and here it is.

Instagram Engagement

As you can see my company is leading most of the major supplement companies with an engagement rate of 2.6.  Pretty awesome.  My followers are real and they enjoy what I am posting because they have an interest in supplements and want to know the truth about them.

Shredz is at the bottom with 0.2 and a close second to the basement is Protein World at 0.3.

The weird thing is that Shredz has about 1.4 million followers.  A shitload more than me.  However, only 0.2% of those followers actually interacts with the Shredz Instagram page.  In my opionion that really sucks.  I smell something fishy.

Now look at Kim Kardashian.  She has a 2% engagement rate.  That would be the average.  But 0.2%??? and Protein World at 0.3%.  That is really, really now.  10X lower than mine as a matter of fact.  And look at the other supplement companies.  They are averaging at about 1%.

There is it.  Make your own conclusions about the companies at the bottom..  I know my thoughts.  Maybe he should spend less time taking selfies and more time doing the math.

This song is so funny!