Top 3 Wanna Be Supplement Experts On Youtube & Why They Suck

Youtube…gotta love it. Unfortunately its nothing more than a money making machine for alot of people…especially for Youtube.  Its filled with advertisements and videos meant to sell you something.  Of course you have a ton of people trying to sell you supplements and tell you what is good and what is bad.  Usually these Youtubers are a bunch of wanna be’s that really know absolutely NOTHING about supplements.  All their information is based on information from other people giving bad information.  So you got bad info on top of bad info.   So here are my top 5 people that broadcast on Youtube that claim to be supplement experts, but really no absolutely nothing about supplement in my opionion.

[wpsharely]1) The Hodgetwins:  These two fouled mouth twins try to talk about supplements when I guarantee you that they probably have ZERO experience in manufacturing dietary supplements.  I would guess if you asked them about the FDA 111’s for dietary supplements they would be like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?”.  They produce their own supplements, and I bet if you called them up and asked them for their SOP manual for their products…again you’d get…”WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?”.  If you dont know the FDA 111’s then you have no clue about making supplements.

2) The TigerFitness Channel.  by Marc.  This guy owns a company called TigerFitness, so he’s always trying to sell you something.  His information is just plain bad and he busted himself in a recent protein video.  He was at the manufacturer of his protein powder, and it was packed up and shipped out.  Now the funny thing is the FDA requires TESTING before it is sold.  He quotes in his video…”A pallet of whey going right to your favorite retailer”.  Uh you forgot to test.  TESTING is required before a supplement is sold.  Clear sign that this guy has no idea about the FDA 111’s.

3) Jeff Cavaliere.  This guy is horrible.  He comes up with theories that absolutely make no sense.  In one of his protein videos he is completely off BASE.  He try’s to do experiments that are complete bullshit.  Look Jeff, 3rd PARTY TESTING!!  That’s all I gotta say to you.  Not your kitchen-at home theories.

When it comes to supplements experts….dont look at Youtube…its really horrible to get information from.  These guys are convincing because they are jacked yea….but it doesnt qualify them as supplement experts.  What qualifies a supplement expert is someone that is fully versed in the FDA 111’s.