Top 9 Foods to Strengthen Your Teeth

Meta description: Having strong and beautiful teeth isn’t such a hard thing to do. Check out top 9 foods to strengthen your teeth in the best possible way.


One of the most important things for having good and strong teeth is to carefully pick the right kind of food. Most of the people actually are not familiar with the fact that you can damage your teeth with the bad kind of food. Now, we are here to discuss everything you need to know about the food that is capable of protecting your teeth and make them strong and beautiful.

9 Foods to Strengthen Your Teeth

There are lots of different kinds of foods that are pretty useful when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Anyhow, we will talk about the top 9 food that will strengthen your teeth in no time. Let’s see.

1) Dairy foods

Cheese is the most common and possibly the most delicious food nowadays. Anyhow, you will be surprised that the cheese and other dairy foods are definitely perfect for your teeth’s health. The fact that there are lots of calcium and protein in dairy foods is definitely great for your teeth.

Also, the ability to reduce acidity makes dairy food possibly the best food to eat if you want to get strong and healthy teeth.

2) Sweet potatoes

As we all know, potatoes, in general, are very rich with vitamin A and therefore, by eating potatoes, you can get perfectly healthy and strong teeth. However, when it comes to the sweet potatoes, they are even better for the teeth. With the ability to protect the enamel on your teeth, you will get almost perfect oral health protection by eating sweet potatoes.

3) Milk

When it comes to the milk, we can say that milk is very rich with protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which is definitely something that you want to eat in order to get the strong and healthy teeth. Also, milk is pretty convenient food that can be mixed with other foods so you can have it any way you like.

However, eating too much milk can be bad sometimes for other things, especially digestive system. It is recommendable to eat milk products or drink milk from time to time so you get everything in the good balance.

4) Oranges and other fruits with vitamin C

Having a daily dose of vitamin C can really help you to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Anyway, the main benefit of eating oranges is that your gums will be protected and healthy which means that your teeth will be strong.

Also, oranges can be used in some other oral health treatments like using the orange peel to brush your teeth which will make them stronger.

5) Sugar –free gums

Many people actually think that gums are bad for your teeth. Well, they certainly are right if the gum is rich with sugar. However, if you use sugar-free gums, you can stimulate your mouth to produce saliva which will clean your teeth perfectly.

This way, your teeth will be cleaned on a daily basis which will make them stronger and healthier for sure. Also, don’t chew too many sugar-free gums, your jaw will probably get sore.

6) All sorts of Tea

Tea is one of the most beneficial foods for our health in general. Therefore, if you drink tea on a daily basis, you can strengthen your teeth so much. However, since there are lots of different kinds of teas, it is recommendable not to drink the same tea over and over again.

Simply speaking, both green and black teas are pretty good when it comes to getting rid of the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

7) Green Vegetables

Some of the best green vegetables that can strengthen your teeth are spinach, kale, peas, and lots of others leafy greens that offer a healthy dose of nutrients. This way, your teeth will be provided with the right amount of nutrients so they can grow into strong and beautiful teeth.

8) Strawberries

This may come as a surprise, but strawberries are definitely the best fruit when it comes to the health and strength of your teeth in general. Simply put, the strawberries are mainly used to whiten our teeth, but on the other hand, they can be pretty good for strengthening our teeth as well.

9) Pumpkin seeds

The best way to keep your teeth strong and healthy is to chew on pumpkin seeds every day for some period of time. First, pumpkin seeds are tasty and crunchy, second, they are healthy for our teeth, and third, they will make sure that your teeth stay strong and white for long.


With everything said above, we can only add that having a beautiful smile with strong teeth isn’t such a hard thing to do. Anyhow, with a daily dose of proper food, you can expect your teeth to be strong as a mountain.