People in the military have to be extremely healthy and fit. They have to wake up early and train to maintain an expected level of health. Military boot camp was originally only used to train soldiers, but now many people use boot camp to lose weight and to become fit. Training like a soldier is hard work as it takes strict discipline and determination.
If you want to be fit like an army soldier and to gain muscle, then you have to dedicate time and learn how to practice the ultimate fitness routine. You can do it if you stay focused. You can build your strength and fitness quickly by training as a soldier. Start your fitness journey with our tactics below.

  1. Always Warm Up
    First make sure you’ve got the correct army equipment like 34mm scope rings for guns, weights, and the correct gym wear. Begin with an active warm-up by starting slow then building with intensity. This will give you energy and it will prepare your body for the workout ahead. Then slow your warm-up down to decrease your heart rate. This will help prevent injuries.
  2. Focus on Stamina and Strength
    Soldiers must push through the pain and endure the exercise so that they can keep going forwards. Hold a weight that works for you (don’t start too heavy) and squat. Use your breath to push through the desire to stop working out. Do multiple joint exercises with weights to build up your strength. Then slowly increase the number of squats per session.
  3. Run with Weights
    Cardio is an important part of the fitness routine for soldiers. So, go outside to run. Buy a backpack that is suited to running and fill in with light weights. Do not make the backpack too heavy as this will damage your back and it can be dangerous. Try to build up to a 5K run across open fields.
  4. Monitor Your Heart Rate
    Monitoring your heart rate is important as it will keep you on track and it will provide you with an objective. Cardio activity will improve your muscle activity and exhilarate your heart rate so that oxygen is pumped throughout your body. Know your body’s target heart rate and keep track of how your training is helping you. You can find your THR online.
  5. Practice Short Sprints
    We don’t advise you to push your body to complete exhaustion. Many soldiers practice short sprints, for example, walk for double the amount of time that you run. So, sprint for 60 seconds then walk for 120 seconds. Don’t sit down but continue to move your body slowly on your breaks, such as walking.
  6. Use a Strict Trainers
    Soldiers have strong strict trainers who will push them to perform. You can pay for a professional trainer to encourage you to do military training. It can be helpful having someone watch over you and push you to do better so that you don’t easily give up. A trainer can keep you on track and they can truly provide you with a military experience.
  7. Take Care with Stretches
    Although the army is about pushing yourself it’s still important to take care of your body when exercising. Don’t bounce into stretches but instead ease into them. Your stretches should feel comfortable and challenging but they shouldn’t hurt. Make sure to stretch before and after exercising.
  8. Train Your Core
    A strong core is essential to good training, so make sure to dedicate a lot of time to building the muscles there. Planks are a great way to increase your core strengths. Start with 1 minute then each session makes the time longer. A stable core will improve your life as it helps you be more mobile.
  9. Eat Well
    Food is an essential part of fitness training. We are told about the important properties of protein but remember that greens are an essential part of a good diet. Always add greens to a meal, like spinach, broccoli, or kale, all of which have lots of iron and nutrients. This will provide your body with fuel to build muscles.
  10. Early Rises
    Get a full night’s sleep and wake up early to train. Your body needs sleep to repair muscle and rejuvenate you. Soldiers stick to a strict routine, and so you should too. If you work, get up an hour early to train and make sure to leave time to warm down.