What Is Unflavored Micellar Casein Protein Powder?

Unflavored micellar casein protein powder made from milk. It is known in the sports nutrition industry as being a slow-digesting protein powder. This slow-digesting effect is thought to be beneficial for an anti-catabolic effect. Consumers of micellar casein protein powder use it pre-sleep in the hopes of increasing muscle protein synthesis while asleep.

Cow’s milk is only about 4% protein. Out of that, 80% is casein. Because the casein micelles are substantially larger than the other components in the liquid milk, it allows them to be filtered.

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How Micellar Casein Is Made

Micellar casein is a dairy product. It comes from the milk of cows. The liquid milk is then ran through the manufacturing process. Micellar casein is produced using a filtration system called microfiltration. Essentially these are pipes that allow the whey protein, lactose and other soluble minerals to pass through the membrane. The micellar casein protein is left behind. This process is similar to the way whey protein is made.

MCC is produced through microfiltration, a process that allows whey protein, lactose and soluble minerals to pass through the membrane while retaining the larger-sized micellar casein. The purity can vary from the 80:20 ratio of casein to total protein found in milk to the 95:5 ratio found in highly purified MCC. Typical micellar casein has a ratio of at least 92:8.

Keep in mind that all micellar casein protein powder has to be pasteurized. This is a federal law. There is no such thing as RAW casein. This is a misleading marketing tactic by some companies. When a consumer hears RAW, they automatically think that the powder has not been pasteurized. This is 100% FALSE. All casein protein powder is heat pasteurized. In addition, all dairy powders, like casein is pasteurized at the same time and temperature. THere is no such thing as COLD pasteurization.

Micellar Casein Before Bed

Some studies show that taking micellar casein protein powder before bed can be beneficial. Most people will benefit from the anti-catabolic effect that casein offers. Typically the recommended dosage is around 40 grams for the average male looking to increase muscle mass. Use a protein calculator to determine how much protein one needs before going to sleep.

Benefits Of Micellar Casein Protein Powder

There are many benefits of using micellar casein protein powder. The main benefit is that it is a milk protein. Being that is milk protein, it has a high DIAA level. It ranks up there with whey, milk, and egg protein.

Casein protein is a complete protein powder and contains all the amino acids needed for muscle recovery. Micellar casein is high in BCAA’s as well, which are the building blocks of muscle. Keep in mind that casein does not have the level of BCAA’s that whey protein does. Whey protein contains the most amount of naturally occurring BCAA’s out of all commercial whey protein powders.

Unflavored Micellar Casein Protein Is Easy To Flavor

Micellar casein is easy to flavor. Always make sure that you buy an unflavored casein protein powder. Never buy flavored casein like vanilla or chocolate because then you are paying for flavoring and not actual protein powder. This enables one to flavor the protein powder as one wishes. If one purchases chocolate then that person is stuck using chocolate protein powder for the next two months. Buying plain casein protein powder allows one to make different flavors.

Appetite Control

One of the main benefits of micellar casein is its ability to suppress the appetite. Casein is a slow-digesting protein, therefore it will have a satiety effect on the human body. It is a good idea to use micellar casein if you are making meal replacement powders or weight loss powders. This will help a person control the number of calories they consume and to help prevent snacking. There are a number of studies showing that casein protein powder can reduce the appetite.

Unflavored Micellar Casein Protein Powder Nutritional Information

Most micellar casein protein powders are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. If one took 100 grams of the casein protein powder, it will give you an actual 90 grams of protein. Nothing is 100% protein. Meaning, protein powder cannot be 100 gram of powder and 100 grams of protein. The closest protein powder to 100% is a protein powder called Bipro from Davisco Foods. Even though the powder is 90% protein, it only has trace amounts of carbohydrates and fat. This means casein only has about 400 calories for every 100 grams of powder.

Micellar casein protein powder can be used in the ketogenic diet because the plain casein is carb and fat-free.

Micellar Casein Side Effects

The only side effect that I am aware of when it comes to micellar casein is if a person using it is allergic to dairy. Dairy is one of the 8 allergens the FDA feels can cause severe side effects. Casein is a dairy product. I do not know of any other reported side effects from casein usage.

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