Why Your RAD 140 Dosage Is Probably WAAAAAY Off

RAD 140 is a popular SARM for people wanting to increase muscle mass with the use of drugs. Obtaining it is as easy as ordering a blender from Amazon.com. I assume that most people are buying and using it because of what they are reading and viewing on the internet. Each wannabe expert is saying RAD 140 is the next best thing since the invention of the wheel. Not only that, but they recommend a dose of about 15 mg a day. This is based on what they are reading from other fake SARM experts. It is a giant shit show, in my opinion, because most everyone has no freakin idea what they are talking about. 

At this time as of Sept 25th, 2021, my current recommendation for SARMs and Rad 140 is Paradigm Peptides.

I know the owner and did a podcast with him as well.


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Let Get Real Please

But let us get real here. Because Proteinfactory is the only place practically on the internet where you can get the truth. Been that way since 1998. RAD 140 is being developed by a pharmaceutical company called Radius.  And that is pretty much all the good news that I have on this experimental drug. This experimental drug is being developed to help out women with breast cancer. It is not being developed for men that want to increase muscle mass. But hey at least it is still being researched, unlike most SARMs that have been abandoned because they do not work, too much of the chagrin of Youtube SARM experts that say they do. 

But hey, at least RAD 140 is not dead. So I went ahead and looked at the most recent research on RAD 140. And here’s something I found. And this research was done in Feb 2020, so it’s the latest.

So What Is The Dosage?

The researchers gave women a dose of RAD 140 at the following amounts.
Starting dose levels were 50 mg (n=6), 100 mg (n=13), and 150 mg (n=3) QD. Median time on treatment = 9 wk (range <1-32+ wk).

Now most pretend SARM experts are telling people to use 15mg per day. However, the company that is making the RAD 140 and OWNS the drug and the patents are using 50 to 150 mg per day.

Thats 10 X the dosage probably most people are using that want to increase their muscle mass!!! 😧

But here’s the other thing in the research I found.

The most frequent (>30%) adverse events were elevated ALT/AST, decreased weight/appetite, and constipation. 

So there is a 30% chance that if you take RAD 140 you are going to be constipated, and your weight and appetite will decrease. If you are about 58 years old and a woman LOL 😂

Do you see the problem here? RAD 140 has never even been studied on men recently!

I conclude the dose of 15mg is complete poppycock. And honestly, I have no idea what the dose should be. Why? Because there is no data on it.

If you take this drug, BE CAREFUL and for Pete’s sake, don’t take anyone’s word on dosages, stacks, or anything else. SARMs are not supplements, they are drugs not intending for human use currently.