How does cannabis affect your daily workout performance? What will happen if you vape or smoke cannabis and then jump, run, or lift? These are the common questions asked by every cannabis lover before they hit the gym with cannabis.

But how it will affect your workout or performance largely depends on the exercise type and purpose at hand. To be more precise, there isn’t much hardcore scientific research on exercise and cannabis.

But it has been said that working out with CBD might enhance your peak performance. When you’re running on a treadmill, the consumption of cannabis can make the process more enjoyable and stimulate you to run for longer.

So, are you excited to know the benefits of taking cannabis before workouts? Let’s get started!

1.    CBD is known to improve the CNS

Cannabis modulated the ECS in a balanced state, which we have already seen. Therefore, the Endocannabinoid system helps protect the Central Nervous System at a homeostatic level for adequate functioning. 

While performing a rigorous exercise, CNS needs an additional blood supply to the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, enhanced blood flow aids the brain in generating more endorphins for a pleasant exercise, and the GABA neurotransmitters help modulate sports and hinder overstraining.

Lastly, before working out, taking quality CBD from Root’d ensure the proper dilation of blood veins for excess oxygen to enter the CNS for required functioning.

2.    CBD Lowers the Oxidative Stress

There is a major loss of balance between the antioxidants and free radicals in the human body. Therefore, enhanced exercise might lead to heightened levels of reactive oxygen species in the muscles, which leads to muscle atrophy.

The antioxidants, such as glutathione, modulate the ROS amounts, and cannabis aids in increasing the antioxidants levels like that substance. This is how our body achieves a balanced state. As per the neuroprotective abilities of weed compounds, THC, CBD, and other natural cannabinoids possess supreme oxidative power. Hence, athletes must take cannabis before kick-starting their workout to thwart oxidative stress.  

3.    CBD helps reduce anxiety

The CBD from cannabis helps ease anxiety issues. A 2019’s research has discovered that upon administering CBD to a psychiatric patient, the body responded to CBD, and it was able to combat sleep disorders and anxiety. However, relaxing your mind lets you remain concentrated during the exercise and accomplish your goals. Hence, you must vape, smoke, or take CBD-infused edibles before workouts.

4.    CBD Helps Reduce Inflammation

While recovering from a disease, soreness that spreads to the adjacent tissues and cells leads to slow healing. But taking cannabis before exercising or workout can lower inflammation and ensure the speediest recovery. Besides CBD, a compound named terpenoids is available in the cannabis plants, which help combat inflammation.


CBD and its derivatives possess multifarious applications in the healthcare and sports industry. Therefore, athletes or gym freaks can reap numerous by taking cannabis benefits before a workout. Consuming CBD will help them avert oxidative stress to the muscles as marijuana boosts glutathione in the blood.