Yogurt can be incorporated into our diet in a variety of ways, whether in sweet, salty foods, main courses, snacks, or toppings. There are a number of healthy ways to consume yogurt. The yogurt is here to stay and it’s super healthy. Today we have many brands in the market and it can even help to lose weight, according to recent studies.

Some US studies have found that people who consume yogurt regularly tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who never consumed and point out that those who consume 7 servings of yogurt a week are 80% less likely to be Obese.

The researchers concluded that yogurt is certainly not a cure for obesity, but it is an excellent tool that has significant benefits in weight loss and avoidance of weight gain and therefore has great potential to contribute to health.

It is worth remembering that you have to associate yogurt, regular exercise and a balanced diet. It is no use taking a pot of yogurt and staying on the sofa at home. Did you know that people who consume yogurt usually engage in more physical activity (as research has indicated)? In addition, people who start to consume yogurt tend to gradually eliminate unhealthy dairy products from their routine, which leads to an indirect effect on body weight.

Yogurt has a higher energy density than other snacks, compared to chocolates, controls the appetite and regulates energy consumption in women. This is because calcium and lactate proteins, which affect the regulation of metabolism, which are controlled by hormones found in the intestine.

When choosing your yogurt in the market, stay tuned, you have many options and several are not healthy. Read the label carefully! Choose the most natural and organic possible. If your goal is lean mass gain, look for those who have the most amount of protein. If the goal is weight loss, look for those who have fewer fats and calories. Keep an eye on the lactose-free yogurt, some are high in fat, which does not pay off, only if you are intolerant or allergic. If you want 100% control, you can even make yogurt at home.

Some varieties of yogurt that we find in markets are:

– Natural yogurt: It has all the nutrients offered by milk, such as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, with the advantage of having greater digestibility.
– Skim Yogurt: It has the same benefits of natural yoghurt, but with less fat, being interesting for a diet for weight loss or people who have high cholesterol.
– Conventional pulp yogurt: With a natural-like fat content, it has fruit pulp and usually sugar.
– Yogurt light: Normally they have 0% fat and do not contain sugar. Interesting for weight loss, diabetes and people with high cholesterol.