AlphaJoe Coffee Booster


  • Simply add a scoop of my ‘AlphaJoe Coffee Booster’ to your regular coffee.
  • It may possibly supports improved cognitive function.
  • Supports increased mental acuity.
  • Supports higher energy levels.
  • Many other potential benefits of this unique blend.


Product Description

Take your coffee experience to an 11… with scientifically supported ingredients, that can increase energy, focus, mood & more!

“After almost 30 years as a consultant to some of the biggest names in sports and performance nutrition biz, I decided to offer my own product, combining my love for coffee with my passion for science, offering a science-backed coffee booster: producing what may be the healthiest coffee ever
“…Simply add a scoop of my ‘AlphaJoe Coffee Booster’ to your regular coffee and it’s possible to enjoy improved cognitive function, increased mental acuity, higher energy levels, and many other potential benefits of this unique blend…
“…and all for just $1.33 a day with my special offer.

Hi, Will Brink here,

If you’re a coffee lover, like me, who thinks there’s no sunshine without coffee… and the type of person that is always looking for something to give you an extra “edge” to perform better during the day… then I think you’re going to love this.
Read on and I’ll explain how I created a “coffee-booster” formulated from 3 science based synergistic ingredients, mixed in a specific ratio, with a long list of potential benefits that will “take your coffee to an 11”, potentially having a direct impact on the quality of your life as it has for me and many others who have been using it for over a decade.
On this page, I’m also going to…
  • Tell you exactly what the ingredients are, and all the incredible benefits that studies suggest they can do for you. No sleight of hand supplement industry nonsense, just real data… so you can be the judge.
  • ​Give you the link to the actual recipe and the recommended suppliers to buy them from, (the quality can vary massively between suppliers).
  • ​Give you the links to the full science behind why I chose these ingredients, so you can do your own research.
  • ​And even point you to the YouTube videos I made that show you how to prepare it yourself step-by-step.
For three decades I have been well-known among both the general health/fitness-oriented community, and the scientific/medical community as a source of accurate, objective, and unbiased information on all things health and fitness.
I have been published all over the world in print magazines in a dozen or more languages covering virtually every topic related to human health and performance, been asked to speak at conferences, as well as having been published in peer-reviewed medical/science journals and so forth.
And, as anyone who knows me will testify… I am passionate about enhancing human performance through optimum nutrition using science vs “bro science” or pseudo-science.
I also love coffee.
And, of course, if you’ve ever researched coffee, you’ll probably be aware that coffee has very well documented health benefits.
How do we improve and expand those benefits?
That’s the question I asked myself many years ago…
…Due to my love of good coffee, I have been researching and testing how to combine my knowledge of performance-enhancing supplements, together with coffee, to produce what I considered to be the absolute best coffee drink possible…
…with the maximum number of all-around health benefits without sacrificing taste at all.
In fact I wanted to make it taste even better! 

After lots of testing, I created “AlphaJoe Coffee Booster”…

(…and I gave away the recipe for a decade)

After extensive trial and error, I finally settled on 3 key ingredients that appear to have a highly synergistic effect with solid science to support their inclusion in my recipe.
They are:
     1. Cocoa
     2. L-Tyrosine
     3. Creatine (Creapure)
…and with these key ingredients, I created what I originally called my “Bomb Proof Coffee” recipe. For over a decade I gave away the recipe via my main website (you can still get the recipe, all the research, and other related videos there, the link is below in the FAQ section).
Since then it has been used (almost) “religiously” by athletes (pro and amateur), military and law enforcement personnel, students, entrepreneurs, doctors, competitive gamers, and people from all walks of life, who have been adding it to their coffee by purchasing the ingredients separately and making their own mix… exactly as per my recipe.
Not only did I give away the recipe (which I still do). I also gave strict recommendations on which suppliers to purchase from, because the quality of the ingredients matters… a lot. One area I have stressed for decades is the importance of sourcing ingredients and been highly critical of those companies I didn’t feel were ‘up to snuff’ in terms of sourcing, quality control, and or solid science.
Not surprisingly, as time progressed and more people started using the formula, some started to ask the obvious question:
“Hey Will, why don’t you just make a version for us, pre-mixed in the correct ratio and doses, from the highest quality suppliers, then we don’t have to buy everything separately and do it ourselves.”  
So, after much deliberation, and plenty of procrastination over the last decade or so, I have finally decided to do it… and create an all-in-one formulation to save people the time and hassle of making the recipe from separate ingredients.
I hand-picked who I consider the best suppliers and manufacturers of each ingredient, to ensure top quality, and I am very proud to say, created “AlphaJoe Coffee Booster.” Heck, I even got on a plane to go physically visit the facility that produces it.
Now, all you have to do is simply add one scoop of the AlphaJoe Coffee Booster into your coffee, (I also recommend you add a little coconut oil and a teaspoon of milk to help create an emulsion for improved taste and absorption, and then whisk it, so it looks like a cappuccino)…
…It tastes great, it feels good, and both client feedback and documented research clearly indicate it’s good for you — this is what I refer to as “the trifecta of win.”
Not only have I removed all the hassle for you, and assured you the quality, the doses, and the ratios, but because of my magical powers of persuasion (mainly bribery and a little begging to be honest), I can now offer it to you at a price that is even less than it would cost you to buy the ingredients yourself separately.
So, that’s a solid win/win in my estimation…
…And, with my special discount, the price works out at just $1.33 a day. 
“So Will,” I hear you ask… “What can AlphaJoe Coffee Booster actually do for me?”
Obviously, I must include the standard disclaimer here that results may vary, and of course, I guarantee absolutely nothing, but what I can say is what all the readily available research (which is referenced at the foot of this page) clearly indicates…

Studies suggest the ingredients in Alpha Joe Coffee Booster may…

  • Increase focus, energy & mental clarity
  • Help achieve “optimal performance”
  • Improve cognitive function
  • ​Help reduce stress
  • ​Improve mental acuity
  • ​Protect brain function
  • ​Assist in overall hormone health
  • ​Reduce muscle damage due to oxidative stress
  • ​Reduce blood pressure
  • ​Offer antiviral effects against flu
  • ​Improve insulin resistance
  • ​Help reduce cardiovascular disease & strokes
  • ​Boost your immune system
  • ​And much more…

So, what are the ingredients in AlphaJoe Coffee Booster?

1. Cocoa

Cocoa (the main ingredient in chocolate), is rich in various polyphenols (including flavonoids/flavanols) and other bioactive compounds such as amines, alkaloids, tyramine, magnesium, procyanidins, phenylethylamine, and N-acyl ethanolamines.

Cocoa has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve insulin resistance, and improved endothelial function.

A meta-analysis found that the highest levels of chocolate consumption were associated with a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease, and a 29% reduction in stroke compared with the lowest level of intake, and that’s despite the sugar and fat content of chocolate; reduced insulin resistance and reduced serum insulin levels were associated with the chocolate consumption.
There are various studies that also suggest a direct cognitive benefit of cocoa ingestion as well as neuroprotection.
Finally, one recent study also found cocoa has broad-spectrum anti-viral effects against influenza. That’s just a short summary of the various potential benefits of cocoa.
* Sources and citations at foot of page (1) Cocoa 

2. L-Tyrosine

Several studies done by the US Army found animals given supplemental L-Tyrosine were more resistant to cold temperatures than those not getting the amino acid. Studies with humans given supplemental L-Tyrosine have found improved cognitive function when subjected to cold temperatures.

Elite soldiers often go for days without sleep, which seriously compromises their mental acuity and performance. Several studies have found L-Tyrosine may be able to counteract some of the negative effects of prolonged sleeplessness on cognitive tasks and performance.
As a further test of Tyrosine’s efficacy, 36 Navy SEALs ingested L-Tyrosine during Winter Warfare training. Either tyrosine or a placebo was consumed by the men, who were then exposed to temperatures as low as -10° F.
The study found L-Tyrosine prevented the decline in mental acuity common to extreme cold conditions in the group of SEALS receiving the supplement. Many athletes have found it to be helpful as a pre-workout stimulant, as well as students, businessmen, etc., in need of improved mental acuity.

3. Creatine

A naturally occurring organic acid known as creatine has long been used by athletes to boost their performance and build muscle strength without steroids. But emerging research is showing that creatine also has important anti-aging effects in vital tissues throughout the body.

As we age, the unique benefits of creatine become more pronounced. From protection against cognitive decline & congestive heart failure to reducing insulin levels and shielding against muscle loss, creatine enhances mitochondrial function which helps reduce the effects of aging.

In tests, creatine-supplemented animals also performed significantly better on neurobehavioral testing. In fact, creatine is now being hailed by experts as “a starting point” for a novel means of delaying neurodegenerative disease, and/or strengthening memory function & intellectual capabilities.

Because of creatine’s vital impact on your body’s energy levels, it should be considered for anyone interested in slowing aging, improving energy levels, and fighting off age-related diseases.