Fenugreek can be used for help supporting increased sex drive, help out with creatine supplementation effectiveness, and help support higher levels of testosterone.  I only recommend one manufacturer to use and a branded Fenugreek called Testofen, which is made by a company called  Indus Biotech.  This is the company that actually MAKES the fenegreek.  They call it Testofen.  If you want to use fenugreek here is the BRAND which I recommend getting.  If you buy another Fenugreek you’ll be getting Chinese fenugreek and most likely it wont work.

Fenugreek is not a new supplement. But Testofen isn’t your run of the mill Fenugreek extract. It’s the result of much scientific studies performed by Indus biotech, a worldwide leader  of Ayurvedic medicine. Testofen has high amount of a specific group of saponin glycosides isolated and characterized exclusively by Indusbuotech researchers. These compounds, called fenusides, are the subject of ongoing studies, which IndusBiotech believes will continue to support Testofen testosterone- improving benefits. In Ayurveda, Fenugreek is valued mostly for its effects on blood sugar and GI health. But a lot of doctors also see its benefits for testosterone support, especially its effects on testosterone, which may help libido in both males and females.

Testofen Benefits

  • supports testosterone
  • supports libido
  • may help with sports performance
  • The only studied and researched form of fenugreek
  • free of impurities
  • 3rd party lab tested


Remember I’m a supplement expert with over 15 years experience in buying and manufacturing supplements.  Anyone can recommend a supplement but isnt the next question always, “What BRAND is the best?”.  Well that is the problem.  You have sites like examine.com that tell you about the ingredients but stop there.  That is pretty much worthless because you have no clue what to BRAND to BUY after that.  So you’re left with searching forums and asking self-proclaimed experts or looking at reviews that most of the time are biased.  The real answer is to ask an expert like myself.  Asking questions on a forums only gets you amateur consumer responses which is quite frankly a ridiculous way to take a recommendation with something you’re putting into your body. But you’re in luck because I am a REAL supplement expert.  I have over 10 years dealing with FDA lawyers, manufacturing consultants, employing dietary supplement experts, knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations 111’s for dietary supplements, and much more!  I am a qualified supplement expert manufacturer, not just a science guy.  I am the real deal when it comes to recommending quality supplements because I take it a step further and recommend a brand and give you the reason(s) why!