Message me now!  I’m ready to help you anytime of the day.  CEO Message | Alexander Rogers

I believe the customer comes first.  I’ll take your call or message before anyone.  In today’s age, I am able to give you access to my personal cell phone.  You can facebook message me or snapchat me (my user name is Proteinfactory) (most people will have either), and I’ll respond immediately.  I believe talking to the OWNER of the supplement company whom you buy for is the most important thing when choosing who’s protein you’ll buy.  I’m here to answer ANY question you have!

As CEO and founder of I believe that my company truly has the highest quality protein supplements in the world.  And I back this up by FACTS and 3rd party testing.  I believe that you should not trust any supplement company, not even MINE!  Instead ask for the lab testing that all companies should be doing to ensure the protein grams and nutrient amounts that are on the label are in the container.  This is all required by law.  Unfortunately most protein companies do NOT do the testing and only “say” they do or just provide you with certificate’s of analysis from where they buy their raw materials from.  This is not what you want nor does this prove the quality of the protein.  ONLY a 3rd party lab analysis proves the protein quality of a protein powder. Just don’t ask for it, DEMAND it! supplies 3rd party lab analysis on request or display’s them clearly on our product pages, giving you peace of mind and the assurance in the quality of my powders.