The Only Place To Get Alpha-Lipoic Acid

If you are looking for a R-ALA supplement you must make sure that you buy this one from Geronova research.  I consider this to be the ONLY place to buy this product.  If not, most likely you are getting inferior product.  [clickToTweet tweet=”Remember that you must know whom is making the product.” quote=”Remember that you must know whom is making the product.”]Remember that you must know whom is making the product and not just simply rely on the supplement company that is paying a contract packager to make it for them.  Geronova Research is the leading company that knows how to make this product.  They have the systems in place to deliver a high-quality product.

Sometimes customers inspire me to answer questions that are good for my entire audience.  This was a simple yet short question about Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

Hi Alex,
Do you know anything about alpha lipoic acid?

Answer:  Sure thing Bryan. The BEST company & ONLY company I would buy this product from is this company.

Geronova Research – R-Lipoic Acid 300 Mg 60 Vcaps

If you buy any other ALA products you’ll be getting cheap shit from China that wont work.    This company literally knows everything and anything about ALA.  If you want a quality product get this one.

Benefits of R-ALA

Unsurpassed Stability and Absorption of the r-ala

using r-ala has antioxidant protection and efficient energy production

r-ala proprietary stabilization process converts the biologically active, natural “R” form of lipoic acid to sodium-R-lipoic acid (Na RALA)

human study achieved 40 times higher peak blood levels than pure R-lipoic acid.

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Remember I’m a supplement expert with over 15 years experience in buying and manufacturing supplements.  Anyone can recommend a supplement but isnt the next question always, “What BRAND is the best?”.  Well that is the problem.  You have sites like that tell you about the ingredients but stop there.  That is pretty much worthless because you have no clue what to BRAND to BUY after that.  So you’re left with searching forums and asking self-proclaimed experts or looking at reviews that most of the time are biased.  The real answer is to ask an expert like myself.  Asking questions on a forums only gets you amateur consumer responses which is quite frankly a ridiculous way to take a recommendation with something you’re putting into your body. But you’re in luck because I am a REAL supplement expert.  I have over 10 years dealing with FDA lawyers, manufacturing consultants, employing dietary supplement experts, knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations 111’s for dietary supplements, and much more!  I am a qualified supplement expert manufacturer, not just a science guy.  I am the real deal when it comes to recommending quality supplements because I take it a step further and recommend a brand and give you the reason(s) why!