D-Aspartic Acid is used in many testosterone boosting supplements.  However I think the stuff sucks big time.  I rank this as a SCAM supplement.  I do not recommend it.  In addition the ONLY countries that manufacturer this product are foreign which means mainly China.

Nothing more to say about it.  Here is a good article about how it does nothing for testosterone.


Here’s another video about D Aspartic Acid

Makes you wonder about companies selling d aspartic acid and their real intentions.

d-aspartic acid

Reasons Not To Use D-Aspartic Acid

  1. No research behind it
  2. All made in China
  3. No identity tests
  4. No 3rd party lab analysis
  5. Will not help you elevate testosterone
  6. There are much better testosterone boosters out there

Keep in mind that most testosterone supplements do not work.  When looking for a testosterone supplement look for single ingredients.  Do not buy testosterone supplements that combine numerous ingredients.  I like to call these supplements kitchen sink supplements.  Meaning that some wanna-be supplement company owner thinks he knows what he is doing and takes a bunch of ingredients and makes them into one big supplement.  They then use the term proprietary information.  This is just a scam.  The supplement company does not have any studies proving that their testosterone supplement actually works.

D aspartic acid is a classic example of a fad supplement.  Meaning someone somewhere along the line thought that this product would elevate testosterone.  Thus a bunch of supplement company decided to come out with this product and cash in on the suckers that would be willing to buy this krap.

I like to inform my customers about the muscle building supplement pyramid.  Meaning that your most important supplements are on the bottom.  Supplements like protein powders, carb powders and creapure.  On the next level are supplements that are decent.  Hydrolyzed proteins, vegetable powders, and supplements with really good research behind them.  On the top level are experimental supplements.  Supplement like test boosters, N.O. supplements, and supplements that if you had some money to burn you’d try.