What is ForsLean®?  It is a patented lean muscle building and fat loss supplement.  No stimulants and 100% safe and natural.

  1. How does ForsLean® lower weight?
    • Forskolin is an activator of the membrane-bound enzyme, adenylyl cyclase. Adenylyl cyclase catalyzes the synthesis of the second messenger molecule, cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which starts cAMP-activated protein kinase (PKA). PKA releases hormone sensitive lipase (HSL).  Hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) is found in adipocytes and in all cell types
    • HSL catalyzes lipolysis, which ultimately results in weight loss*
  2. Are clinical studies available on ForsLean® as a weight loss aid?
    • Yes
    • Studies have taken place in USA, Japan, and India
  3. Are there any side effects?
    • Not at all.

ForsLean® is manufactured by a process and is an extract from the of the Coleus forskolin plant, the only known source of forskohlin. Forslean is the only Coleus forskohlii ingredient backed up by US Patent # 5,804,596 defined as “….

This ingredient is used by people wanting to help promote lean body mass and weight loss.  However the company that PATENTED the use of coleus forskohlii  for lean mass and weight loss is Sabinsa.  They called their coleus forskohlii FORSLEAN.  However you cannot buy this product direct from the forslean.com website.  Instead you have to find a brand to buy.  This is the hard part because you do not know which brand to trust and which brands actually use Forslean and not some cheap version made in China.  That is where an expert like myself comes into play.  I have been manufacturing dietary supplement for a very long time.  I know where to get the good quality ingredients and which supplement company brands sell actual Forslean supplements.

You have to be very, very careful if you want to use this product.  There are hundreds of knock off’s sold by everyone from GNC to Amazon.com.  I could not for the life of me find a product that contained FORSLEAN, only cheap Chinese rip off versions of coleus forskohlii.  Therefore I called up Sabinsa themselves and they told me to get this product, as it is there sister company.



Coleus Forskohlii

In an eight week, pilot open field study, six overweight women received 500 mg ForsLean® corresponding to 50 mg forskolin/day. Their body composition was determined by bioelectrical impedance analysis. ForsLean was prepared in the form of two-piece hard shell capsules. Each capsule contained 250 mg of the extract standardized for 10% forskolin. The participants were instructed to take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, half an hour before a meal. They were asked to maintain their previous daily physical exercise and eating habits. In addition, physical activity was monitored based on a questionnaire before and during the trial.

During the 8 week trial the mean values for body weight and fat content were significantly decreased, whereas lean body mass was significantly increased as compared to the baseline (Wilcoxon matched pairs test). Weight loss was statistically significant (p<0.05) after 4 and 8 weeks and the mean amounted to 4.3 and 9.17 lbs respectively. The body fat values expressed as % body fat were: 0 weeks 33.63 ± 3.02, 4 weeks 30.10 ± 4.34 (statistically not significant or n.s.), and 8 weeks 25.88 ± 4.77 (p<0.05). The lean body mass values expressed as % lean body mass were: 0 weeks 67.07 ± 3.02, 4 weeks 69.90 ± 4.34 (n.s.), and 8 weeks 74.13 ± 4.77 (p<0.05) (Figure 3).

The main mode of action of forslean is by raising the cellular concentrations of cyclic AMP (cAMP) and cAMP mediated functions, via the starting of the enzyme Adenylate cyclase.

Commonly, a raise in cyclic AMP results to subsequent activation of protein kinase. Protein kinase has been shown to start the hormone sensitive lipase which is related in the breakdown of triglycerides, known as the start of fatty tissue. These events parallel to the lowerintg in body fat


FAQs of Forslean

  1. What is ForsLean®?
        ForsLean® is:

      • A patented product
      • Helps with weight loss
      • A  extract from the of the Coleus forskohlii

    ForsLean® is manufactured by a process and is an extract from the of the Coleus forskolin plant, the only known source of forskohlin. Forslean is the only Coleus forskohlii ingredient backed up by US Patent # 5,804,596 defined as “….

  2. What is the active ingredient?
    • The active ingredient is forskolin
  3. What is the content of ForsLean®?
    • The content is  10%, 20%, 40%, 95%, and 98% Forskohlin
  4. What is the source of the extract?
    • The product is obtained from India.
  5. What is the suggested daily use?
    • The use is 25 mg of forslean 30 to 60 minutes prior to meals 2X daily
  6. What are the legal claims that can be made
    • Weight management*
    • Sports nutrition*
    • Circulation support*
    • Helps in fat loss*
    • Helps metabolize fat*
    • Promotes lean body mass*
    • Assist in weight management*
    • Promotes fat loss in obese people*
    • Clinically proven to assist in weight loss*
    • Helps increase in testosterone levels in men*
    • Clinically proven to help to increase lean body*
    • Assist in weight management in conjunction with life style consisting of healthy eating and physical activity*
    • Improves body composition in overweight and obese people


Remember I’m a supplement expert with over 15 years experience in buying and manufacturing supplements.  Anyone can recommend a supplement but isnt the next question always, “What BRAND is the best?”.  Well that is the problem.  You have sites like examine.com that tell you about the ingredients but stop there.  That is pretty much worthless because you have no clue what to BRAND to BUY after that.  So you’re left with searching forums and asking self-proclaimed experts or looking at reviews that most of the time are biased.  The real answer is to ask an expert like myself.  Asking questions on a forums only gets you amateur consumer responses which is quite frankly a ridiculous way to take a recommendation with something you’re putting into your body. But you’re in luck because I am a REAL supplement expert.  I have over 10 years dealing with FDA lawyers, manufacturing consultants, employing dietary supplement experts, knowledge of the Code of Federal Regulations 111’s for dietary supplements, and much more!  I am a qualified supplement expert manufacturer, not just a science guy.  I am the real deal when it comes to recommending quality supplements because I take it a step further and recommend a brand and give you the reason(s) why!

Watch the video below from a scientist with excellent knowledge of Forslean.

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