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People that want to lose weight and build muscle turn usually at one point or another purchase supplements with the hopes of success.  As a supplement expert, the most common question I get asked is, “What supplements should I take?”  My answer will be, “What are your goals?”.  That will give me an idea of what the customer is expecting to get out of their supplements that they will purchase from me.  My recommendations are effective.  They are truthful and honest.  I have no problem telling my customers that they should NOT buy any supplements from me.  For example, sometimes a 15-year-old kid will call me up and ask me what pre workout supplement he should buy or what weight gainer he should be using.  After I grill him about his diet and work ethic, 99% of the time I will not recommend any supplements to him, as I will tell him to practice eating right and perfecting his workout routine.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to dealing with most supplement companies and supplement experts.  The supplement industry is driven by greed and profit margin.  It is driven by getting the consumer to purchase a supplement whether they need it or not, whether it works or not, or even if it is safe or not.  For example, DMAA.  DMAA was used as an ingredient in many pre-workout supplements.  DMAA is not a dietary supplement, nor is it safe.  It is however very dangerous and supplement companies were making it, and distributors were selling it.  Shame on both of them.  Another example is Gammo-O.  It is a complete scam.  However it does not stop supplement companies from making it and distributors from selling it.  When a supplement distributor here’s the question from someone, “What supplements should I take?”.  They begin to drool, because they know they can recommend any of these supplements that have the biggest profit margin.

If you are reading this article you’re in good shape.  If you don’t know by now my name is Alex Rogers, and I am a supplement manufacturing expert.  I have been in the supplement industry since 1998.  My supplement knowledge is vast, and I feel that I know more about supplements than most supplement experts, and most importantly I am going to tell you the truth.

If you have any questions at all about supplements feel free to schedule a call with me.  FOR FREE!  Yes FREE!  I’ll take your call and answer any questions you have about supplements such as, “What supplements should I take?”.

“What supplements should I take?”

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