PROTEINFACTORY® sells supplements like no other supplement company does.  We back up our statement of “Highest Quality” not by marketing hype, but by proof by 3rd party lab analysis.  We believe in proving that our supplements are the best by testing protein content through a 3rd party lab.  This business philosophy has helped us sells hundreds of thousands of pounds of protein since 1998.   More people trust when it comes to quality protein supplements and muscle building products, than any other company!<

Our Mission

Is to sell supplements that are fully compliant with the FDA Code of Federal Regulations 111’s for Dietary Supplements which ensures to you that we are producing our products to the highest possible manufacturing practices.  Secondly its our mission to prove to you that we are doing this not only by “saying” we are doing it, but by proving it through 3rd party laboratory testing, something never before seen in the dietary supplement industry.  The result is products that are not only the safest but produce RESULTS!

The Facts

We know that it is hard to trust any supplement company.  All you have is their “word”.  Well here at we feel taking a companies “word” for it that they are testing their supplements for strength, composition, and purity is not good enough.  The FACT is that you must demand to see the 3rd party lab analysis on any protein supplement you buy from whey protein to egg protein.  No 3rd party lab analysis proof and you can be sure the company is not doing the testing!