Do NOT Use Creatine Gummies!

Now Foods tested creatine gummies and it is not good. If you want to eat your creatine, get my creatine tablets from Creapure. Guaranteed Quality from Germany. 🙂 Creatine Gummy Alert: Some Popular Brands Fail Lab Tests – Watch Before You Buy! ATTENTION If you're using creatine gummies, listen up! A lab test showed that some BIG names on TikTok are actually selling gummies that don't even contain creatine. Make sure to watch this TikTok all the way through to see the brands that have failed the test. Don't get fooled by false advertising. Stay informed and stay safe #creatine #gummies #tiktok #companies #labtests #beastbites #tiktokshopping ♬ original sound – Protein Factory