Super Capsimax Is Released!

Yesterday we launched our new Super Capsimax. The most POTENT Capsimax on Earth. And by that, I mean no other Capsimax product contains this much of the active ingredient.

Why It Matters
Capsimax, in my opinion, is THE best “fat burner” on the market. If you want a magic pill (even though there is no such thing), Capsimax is going to be the closest. Yea, I know there are drugs out there and ephedrine, but I”m talking LEGAL & SAFE. The research and proof are on the books; this product will HELP you lose body fat. And the funny thing is that most supplement companies that formulate “fat loss” supplement use capsaicinoids in their formulas. The only problem is they can’t afford to use the correct dosage because their profit margins will get crushed.

My Super Capsimax has over 6 mg of capsaicinoids! Far more than any other supplement.