Like supplements, their are a ton a books about working out.  Most of them suck and are fad driven.  Here is a list of books that are my favorite.

  1. Dr. Colker.  My good friend and guru to a lot of professional athletes and movie stars.  His book is the ONLY book you’ll need to learn how to workout.  I read it over and over to refresh my memory on proper form and reps.

2.  Not convinced soy sucks or want to see how BAD these soy companies really are.  This book is the best book about the soy ever written

3.  Dr. Beradi.  Good book for skinny dudes.  Its not better than Colkers but its really good.

Now next is something really cool.  It is the old Muscle Media 2000 magazine.  These magazines we’re the best.  Lots of good info about supplements, steroids, working out, and food.