Like supplements, their are a ton a books about working out.  Most of them suck and are fad driven.  Here is a list of books that are my favorite.

  1. Dr. Colker.  My good friend and guru to a lot of professional athletes and movie stars.  His book is the ONLY book you’ll need to learn how to workout.  I read it over and over to refresh my memory on proper form and reps.

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2.  Not convinced soy sucks or want to see how BAD these soy companies really are.  This book is the best book about the soy ever written

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3.  Dr. Beradi.  Good book for skinny dudes.  Its not better than Colkers but its really good.

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Now next is something really cool.  It is the old Muscle Media 2000 magazine.  These magazines we’re the best.  Lots of good info about supplements, steroids, working out, and food.

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