5 lbs Dutch Pea Protein Powder


  • Sourced From Holland
  • Non GMO & Gluten-Free
  • Obtained from yellow peas
  • 85% protein rich in EAA & BCAA’s
  • Easy to dissolve
  • 75 servings

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Product Description

About the pea protein powder

Protein Factory brings you one of the finest pea protein isolate powders on the market.  Our bulk pea protein powder is sourced from Holland, unlike many pea protein powders that are sourced from China and the United States.  This ensures the powder is GMO-free, as the Netherlands has banned the use of GMOs.

Our Dutch pea protein powder is manufactured using the latest technology that improves the taste and mouthfeel.  Unlike other pea protein bulk powders that are chalky and have a strong taste of pea.  We sell our powder unflavored and without anything else added to ensure the highest protein percentage.

Bodybuilding and Athletic Description

Pea protein is one of the best vegan sources for sports nutrition.  Our pea protein isolate is an ideal solution for vegan applications, and it has a neutral and pleasant taste. Plus, it is very high in protein and high in leucine which helps to optimally stimulate muscle protein synthesis (ref below).  Below you will see its DIAA score (the latest scientific method to judge protein quality in terms of nitrogen retention.  You’ll notice it ranks as one of the highest plant-based proteins underneath soy protein (Nobody should ever use soy).

bulk pea protein powder

Keep in mind that animal-based protein powders are better than plant-based protein powders for building muscle.  Click here to see my rankings.

Essential Amino Acids

mg/ g protein
Arginine (semi-essential)  82
Histidine  23
Isoleucine  45
Leucine  80
Lysine  70
Methionine  10
Phenylalanine  51
Threonine  35
Valine  48
Tryptophan  8

Non-essential Amino Acids
mg/ g protein
Alanine  40
Aspartic Acid  112
Cysteine  8
Glutamic acid  171
Glycine  39
Serine  50
Tyrosine  34
Proline  40

Nutritional facts

Per serving 30g
Energy 103kcal/434kJ
Fat 0.0g
Carbohydrates 0.1g
of which sugar 0.0g
Fibres 0.1g
Protein 25.6g
Sodium 18mg

Physical/ Sensorial appearance
Visual:  Yellowish powder
Taste:  Neutral, free of off-notes
Odor:  Neutral, free of off-odor

How To Use Bulk pea protein powder:

Instruction for use; add 30.0g powder to 310ml of cold
water and shake in a shaker


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