If You Want Glutathione Here Is The One To Get

You know there are a lot of great supplements out there.  The problem is that there are a lot of unscrupulous companies out there as well so you have to be very careful when buying supplements because most of the time the supplement you buy is not what you think it is.  I’m not exaggerating about what I am about to say but I feel 99 out of 100 supplements sold are very low quality, do not contain what they say is on the bottle, and just down right fraudulent.  Typically I focus on supplements that help build muscle one way or another.  When you’re healthy you are building muscle because you are anabolic and/or in a positive nitrogen state.  When you are unhealthy you are losing muscle mass.  It is that simple.  A few articles ago I talked about a supplement called curcumin.  Click here to read it.  It really is a phenomenal product.  It has a ton of benefits, but for us muscle seekers it is definitely one you should use to combat muscle soreness.  The problem is when I wanted to recommend it to my customers I had a very hard time finding a quality product.  Many curcumin products are made in China.  And they are cleverly disguised as quality supplements.  Remember just because it is packaged by a so-called doctor, has a fancy label, and it says made in a GMP facility does not mean a thing. You have really look at WHERE the ingredient is made and who made it.  You have to look for BRANDED ingredients.  So after a lot of research I finally found a good curcumin supplement.  Here it is.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00Z76WTXI” locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Delta Nutrition Curcumin Rx w/ NovaSOL Liquid Technology for 10x Better Absorption Than Standardized Curcumin – 500mg per Caspule[/easyazon_link]


You only need this once per day.  Two capsules.  It is awesome for building muscle.

On a side note Delta Nutrition the company who’s brand of curcumin I recommended emailed me to thank me for recommending their product and sent me a few bottles. (that’s me holding the curcumin)

Alex Rogers proteinfactory

Let’s get to the topic of this article though.  Another great supplement is glutathione.  I get a ton of calls with people wanting whey protein because it does help boost glutathione in the body.  I’ll talk about that later because now I want to focus on simply buying a glutathione supplement.  Glutathione is great for sports nutrition.  It really helps remove free radicals and detox the body.  When you bodybuild and workout your natural glutathione levels will decrease.  Yea you can get glutathione from food, but the amount is just to small to make a difference.  Thus it’s a good idea to supplement.

First the bad news.  Like I mentioned above, you can find a billion glutathione supplements out there.  However most are junk, made by wanna-be supplement companies.  I found one selling on Amazon sold by a bulk supplement supplier.  This company is clearly violating FDA regulations by selling supplements this way.  Just by looking at his label I can tell it is shady manufacturing.

The good news is that I have found two that I like.  I found them by relying on my first step to finding quality supplements:  to look for a branded ingredient.  In this case the branded glutathione is made by a company called Kohjin Life Sciences based in Japan.

Here is a video made by Kohjin on glutathione.

Kohjin has been making glutathione for a very long time.  They are the experts!  But the problem is finding a supplement that you can buy that has Kohjin’s glutathione and not junk glutathione made by the Chinese.

Now check this out and pay attention!  I found one that I deemed “Proteinfactory Approved” but then when I looked carefully at it I found where it ships from:  The PHILIPPENES!!?? WTF?

I found this really disturbing and made me really mad!  check out this image.


Do you see what I circled in RED?   Ships from the Philippines!  Wow, are you serious?  This in my opinion certainly means it is counterfeit Jarrow glutathione.   Let me tell you..thank goodness I saw this because I would have recommended in my opinion is counterfeit glutathione.  Do you see how careful you have to be when buying supplements?  It is mayhem!  I called Jarrow up and asked them for an explanation but I didnt like their answer.  So at this time I do NOT recommend this.

Remember I stated I liked TWO.  The second one is from Kyowa Hakko USA,  a Japanese company that makes a branded glutathione called Setria.  It comes from a company that I trust as I have been buying from them for years and they always provide me with the documents the FDA requires.   Here’s their product.

setria glutathione

[easyazon_link identifier=”B00980Q7Z0″ locale=”US” tag=”bp025-20″]Maximum Strength L-Glutathione 500 mg 30 Veg Caps[/easyazon_link]

Simply take 1 to 3 capsules per day along with other great Proteinfactory.com products and you’ll surely start to put on some muscle.