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Listen to Alex Rogers, President of Protein Factory, talk about this stack and how to use it.


Grow Pro Peptides, Rilose, Creapure, Instant Win For Muscle & Strength Gains

One of the most basic combinations for pretty much-guaranteed muscle and strength gains is this.

Whey protein
maltodextrin or dextrose

Most everyone that is into bodybuilding has used this stack before, and if you have not, I suggest you try it. Its so popular research studies have been conducted on it. And yes, it has been proven to work.

Now I have seen a few supplement companies sell this combination. But I can guarantee you that they are selling you plain old whey protein, cheap dextrose, and Chinese creatine.

Here at Protein Factory, we do things a little differently, of course. I have put together a formula that is a lot better, much better, which equates to better results.

The first thing I did was the protein itself. I wanted to find a protein that worked synergistically with Creapure and high glycemic carbs to increase this combination’s effectiveness further. So I turned to one of the largest whey protein manufacturers in the world whom I have been dealing with since 1998, and put together a protein powder that we call Grow Pro Peptides. It is a combination of hydrolyzed whey protein and micellar casein that promotes skeletal muscle synthesis to boost muscle growth. These proteins and peptides have been enriched and isolated using various purification technologies to preserve their unique

However, this powder was specifically made to increase insulin levels in the body. Grow Pro Peptides can double serum insulin levels in 15 minutes, according to the research done by the manufacturer.

The C-P-C Stack (carb, protein, creatine) is a proven winner. However, we added a Protein Factory quality boost to it, most likely making it much more effective.Click To Tweet

I could not have found a better protein!!

Next the creatine. I use Creapure. Anything else is Chinese, and quite frankly, sorry to be blunt; you’re not very smart if you choose to swallow Chinese creatine; in my opinion, it is trash.

Finally, the carb of choice is not cheap maltodextrin or dextrose, but Rilose. A one of a kind carb (notice you can’t find it anywhere else BUT Protein Factory), that is easy to digest and comes from rice.

How To Use This Stack

1/3 cup of Growth Pro Peptides
1/4 cup of Rilose
1 tsp of Creapure or 3 Creapure Tablets

Use pre or post-workout once per day combined with some sort of weight lifting program.



Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs