Caldrol 500 | Wax Ester | 180 capsules | Calanus Oil


  • 500mg of plankton oil
  • anti-obesity effects
  • anti-inflammatory effects
  • slow release & highly absorbable
  • 3 month supply


Product Description

Improved body composition is one of the main reasons that we are supplying this product to our customers.  Calanus® Oil is a new and highly bioactive form of omega-3. Calanus® Oil´s solid scientific documentation shows that it counteracts insulin resistance and other obesity-induced metabolic disorders and exhibits a potent anti-inflammatory effect.

Caldrol 500 is the most advanced form of marine lipid oil or calanus oil lipid on the market.  Because of its unique chemistry, the product is highly absorbable and much more superior to regular fish oil and krill oil products.

Because of its high rate of absorption, Caldrol 500 elicits a profound effect on the human body.

  • The result is reduced deposition of intra-abdominal
    fat, leading to reduced adipocyte (fat cell) size.

Wax esters enable active regulation of GPR receptors, and this is the key to the benefits:

• Less low-grade inflammation, an important risk
factor for developing “lifestyle diseases”
• Increased secretion of adiponectin, leading to
enhanced insulin sensitivity



What Is Caldrol 500?

The oil contained in these capsules is in the form of a wax ester.  Whereas other dietary lipids claim their effects due to rapid absorption, Calanus® Oil explains it the other way around.  The unique chemistry of these new lipids allows them to withstand the first line of digestive enzymes, letting the lipids reach the distal part of the digestive tract without compromising the bioavailability of the fatty acids.  When the wax ester molecules ultimately are cleaved during digestion, the release of highly potent fatty acids activates GPR120 receptors present in the tissue and exert its effects.  Whereas EPA and DHA are among the more potent of the common FAs on GPR120, SDA has recently been shown to be one of the most potent fatty acids activating this central receptor.

Calanus oil is harvested off the coast of Norway and is a Norweigan product.  Most of the fish oil type supplements sold today are from China.

Use Caldrol 500 with another fat burning supplement such as Capsimax.

calanus oil

Calanus Oil Composition

Daily dose: 2 softgels
Number of doses per pack: 30
Amount per dose
Calanus® Oil
Including :
Cetoleic acid
Gondoic acid
Stearidonic acid (SDA)
Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
1000 mg

120 mg
90 mg
70 mg
60 mg
50 mg
600 mcg

Calanus® Oil, Calanus, Norway.

Additional Information

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