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  •  Natural Testosterone Booster
  •  As for PADAM scores (Partial Androgen Deficiency Among Aging Men)
  •  DHEA levels increased 47% • SHBG levels dropped by 66%
  •  Free testosterone soared by 73%
  •  Increased Stamina and Energy

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A new powerful androgen called LJ 100 is becoming increasingly well known among athletes.    LJ100® is a standardized Eurycoma Longifolia extract containing 28% Eurypeptides, an active 28 amino acid chain that is clinically proven at MIT for its androgenic properties.   Created by the original researchers at MIT and University Malaya, this product has shown in human clinical trials ‐ an ability to increase energy, enhance sport performance, promote anabolic state, and increase fat free mass and body fat.  LJ100® additionally aids sport performance by maintaining normal high IGF‐1 level, increase DHEA, increase free testosterone, and decrease Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

LJ 100 REDUCES SHBG LEVEL, INCREASES DHEA & FREE TESTOSTERONE: In a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled human clinical study conducted at the National Population and Family Development Board of Malaysia, 7 male patients between the ages of 31 to 52 were given 100mg of LJ100® while 7 were on placebo for 3 weeks.  Testosterone, DHEA, and SHBG level were evaluated.    DHEA LEVELS INCREASE At One Week 26% At Three Week 47% Increase Decrease No Change 1 week 52% 36% 12% 3 week 27% 66% 7% Analysis of DHEA showed gradual increase in the level from 26% after 1 week to 47% after 3 weeks.    SHBG analysis showed reduction in 36% of the patients after one week, and 66% after 3 weeks.  When SHBG level declines, the Free Testosterone Index   (FTI) goes up.    FTI analysis showed an escalation of 39% of subjects after 1 week and 73% after 3 weeks. Free Testosterone result in improved energy level, metabolism, strength, and sexual stamina.

LJ 100 INCREASES FREE TESTOSTERONE LEVEL In another research, 9 healthy men were recruited between the age of 26 and 52, and were given 50mg LJ100 supplement, twice daily for 10 days.  Group 1 (n=5) engaged in daily exercise while Group 2 (n‐4) do not exercise.   Saliva Testosterone Test were evaluated at day 0 (baseline) and day 10.  The study was repeated 3 times and data is based on the average.    Normal range for athlete 800 = 1500ng/dl of blood.   Group 1 that engaged in regular exercise experience a significant increase in free testosterone from 70% to 132%.  Group 2 that do not engaged in regular exercise experience an increase in free testosterone of 35% to 70%

ANABOLIC EFFECTS OF LJ100 (Published:  British Journal of Sport Medicine 2003; 37: 464‐470) Fourteen healthy adult males received either 100 mg/day LJ 100 (22% Bioactive Eurypeptides) (n = 7) or placebo (n = 7) for 8 weeks. Simultaneously, both groups performed an intensive strength training programs.    Results showed that the LJ100® group experienced significant increase in fat free mass (FFM), reduce body fat percentages (FM), increase gross muscle power (1RM), increase significantly arm circumference, and decrement in the mean

LJ 100 INCREASES TESTOSTERONE IN VITRO Testosterone stimulates metabolism, which promote fat burning, increases the formation of red blood cell, and accelerates muscle growth.  In vitro study has shown LJ 100 to significantly increase testosterone by up to 400%

LJ 100 INCREASES CYP 17 ENZYME ug  steroid/10 mg protein In a research conducted at MIT, scientists had proven that the Eurypeptides in LJ100® increases CYP17 enzymes production, which enhanced the metabolism of pregnenolone to yield more dehyroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which ultimately converted to testosterone.    Testosterone and progesterone increased significantly by 180% and 190% respectively.    Low amount of pregnenolone also suggests that Eurypeptides in LJ100® is actively converting pregnenolone into progesterone and into DHEA.   Steroid Extract Blank Control LJ100®   (2) LJ100®    (3) 17‐diol,   17 ‐diol * * * * 5‐DHT   * * * * testosterone   180% increase 0.98 1.68 2.43 2.37 7‐OH preg   2.43 5.15 1.41 1.31 progesterone   190% increase 3.36 6.39 12.30 13.20 LJ100® INCREASES IGF‐1 LEVEL: (Published:  International Journal of Andrology, Vol 28, 6/05) Human Growth Hormone (HGH) peaks at adolescence and at age 60 decreases to about 25 % of the levels at 20 years old. HGH enters the liver and is converted into Insulin‐like Growth Factor‐1 (IGF‐1), a natural anabolic growth factor which regulates cellular growth and development, stimulates muscle bulk and lean body mass, helps burn fat, promotes healthy blood sugar level, and decreases LDL Cholesterol. In a human clinical trial involving 20 male volunteers of various health conditions from the ages of 38 to 58 were randomly given either 200,400,600 mg of LJ100®  (22% Bioactive Eurypeptides) or placebo for 2 months.  Volunteers on LJ100® were found to have high normal level of IGF‐1 compared to no change in placebo group.     LJ 100 INCREASES METABOLISM Thyroxine is the major hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.  Volunteers taking LJ100® showed

LJ 100 INCREASES METABOLISM Thyroxine is the major hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.  Volunteers taking LJ100® showed

LJ100® INCREASES METABOLISM Thyroxine is the major hormone secreted by the thyroid gland.  Volunteers taking LJ100® showed high normal level of Thyroxine compared to the placebo group.  Higher Thyroxine level means higher metabolism rate, increase calories burned, and better weight management.   LJ100® IMPROVES ENDURANCE   Thirty Male subjects were recruited from a 24‐hour mountain biking event; 15 were given 100mg of LJ100, and 15 were given

LJ100® IMPROVES ENDURANCE   Thirty Male subjects were recruited from a 24‐hour mountain biking event; 15 were given 100mg of LJ100, and 15 were given placebo.  8 saliva samples were collected over a 24h period before and after each lap for measurement of cortisol and testosterone by enzyme immunoassay.  Cortisol levels were 32.3% lower in the LJ100 compared to Placebo.  Testosterone levels were 16.4% higher in the LJ100 group compared to Placebo.  By promoting an anabolic state, LJ100® helps the athletes to improve endurance and shorten recovery time.

LJ100’s applications for enhanced fitness and endurance for sports nutrition is supported by several clinical studies. One study of middle-aged men and women demonstrated significant increases in total and free testosterone concentrations and muscular force output. One endurance study of a 24-hour mountain biking event, showed a significant rise in testosterone compared to placebo, and significantly lower cortisol levels, allowing for extended endurance. High cortisol levels are associated with visceral fat, and research shows that LJ100, combined with citrus bioflavonoids (CitruSlim) triggered not only body weight loss but body fat loss in a cohort of moderately overweight men and women. The cortisol/testosterone ratio in this study decreased significantly in the LJ100 group vs an increase in the placebo group, suggesting that LJ100 may help promote a favorable anabolic state, result of which also include better mood and healthier cholesterol levels. Another placebo-controlled study showed LJ100 encouraged improvements in blood glucose levels, IGF-1, HDL cholesterol, testosterone and DHEA levels, among other improvements after two months of supplementation. Tongkat Ali, as LJ100, can be a viable daily supplement for a wide group of populations: young athletes and trainers, middle-aged men and women seeking to maintain vitality and vigor, and the elderly seeking to restore energy and endurance.