Muscle Retention Fat Loss Stack

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What you get

  • 1, 5 lbs unit of Lean Pro Peptides
  • 1, 5 lbs unit of Mod 6 Carb
  • 2 bottles of Oligonol (60 day supply)

Product Description

I just put together a stack for weight loss and muscle retention. Check it out.

Ahhh, summer is right around the corner, or maybe for some of you, it is here already, but here in beautiful NJ, summer is a couple of weeks away. I might even head to Florida in April, so maybe it’ll start soon for mean.  

But besides the sun, sand, and lots of outdoor activities, comes taking off the shirt and absorbing that Vitamin D.

That means looking your best for me and, hopefully, you, which equates to losing some body fat.  

Here is the stack.

Back in the day, we went with a no-carb approach. We now know that does not work really well. Instead, consuming the right carbohydrates equates to the retention of muscle and strength. One of the best carbs to go with is the Mod6. It has an extremely low GI, which will not cause an insulin spike. It is the perfect carbohydrate for weight loss.

Next is the Lean Pro Peptides. This is a high-end whey protein powder that is uniquely manufactured to help one lose body fat. This is not ordinary whey protein. It is the only one on the planet.  

Finally Oligonol. Probably one of the most underrated sports nutrition products on the market. I would classify this product in my “yes it works” category or “you can’t go wrong with it” class. It is not experimental like beta ecdysterone, Tribulus, or Ajuturk, Oligonol works period.  

If you want to check out all the benefits of Oligonol click here.

The company that patented it has a boatload of studies supporting the claims behind it. 

  • Support healthy post-meal blood glucose and lipid levels*[8],[9]
  • Reduce visceral fat*[10]
  • Lessen skin wrinkles and brown spots*[11],[12]
  • Help decrease fatigue and improve endurance*[13],[14]

Here is how you would use this stack.

1/3 cup of Mod 6

1/3 cup of Lean Protein Peptides

One serving of Oligonol

Use 1-2 times per day.

Take this stack for 60 days minimum (this stack will last 60 days or more if taken 1 once per day)

If one were to use this in place of two meals per day, I would predict a significant amount of body fat loss. 

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