Native Whey Protein Concentrate 10 lbs


Better Than Regular Whey Protein

  • Imported direct from the Netherlands.
  • Pasture grazing incentivized milk.
  • Guaranteed Native Protein.
  • Less Processed.
  • Purified using ceramic filtration.
  • Extracted directly from fresh milk.
  • native whey results in a faster increase of plasma amino acid concentration.
  • Higher leucine compared to whey protein from cheese.

• Native whey is proven to result in a higher leucine
concentration when compared to other whey


Product Description

Our Native Whey Concentrate is a premium quality whey protein extracted straight from milk resulting in a pure and natural protein source. The nativity of the product is guaranteed because it is purified through Ceramic Micro Filtration. Backed up by research the product is showing a high nutritional value of leucine (>14% than standard cheese whey) which makes it easier to reach required leucine levels for optimal muscle protein synthesis. Native Whey Concentrate has a neutral clean taste and consistent mixability.


native whey protein concentrate

How does Our Native Whey differ from standard whey proteins?

Most whey proteins undergo significant processing, starting with cheese whey as raw material, processing involves a pasteurization step that disrupts the milk protein structure and amino acid matrix in the final product. By contrast, Native whey protein is derived directly from fresh raw milk, with minimal processing and ceramic micro-filtration as purification, preserving the pure native proteins found in milk. So the final whey protein will stay in the original intact form found in fresh milk. This native whey is unique in using this state of the art ceramic technology to produce their native whey proteins.

native whey protein concentrate

native whey protein concentrate

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Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs