Tectanic Red – Pre Workout Powder

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  • Over 350 mg of inorganic nitrates per 30 grams of powder
  • 25X more nitrates than regular beetroot powder
  • 10X more anti-oxidants than regular beetroot powder

Product Description

Alex Rogers, President of Protein Factory talks about Tectanic Red

What Is Tectanic Red?

Tectanic Red is a beetroot powder that has been specially manufactured to contain 1.5% to 2.75% inorganic nitrates.  A 30-gram serving size (1/4 cup) of Tectanic Red will deliver approximately 350mg to 450 mg of inorganic nitrates.  This is the total amount the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stated could aid at improving athletic performance and muscle function.

Why It Matters

If you want a better pump when you work out…this is the product.  Without question, nothing beats this product as far as inorganic nitrates are concerned..  NOTHING!

I put this on my list of n0-brainer muscle building powders because it works and nobody can question it whether is does or does not.  Protein, creatine, inorganic nitrates….

Tectanic Red vs regular beetroot juice or powder.

It is very simple.  Tectanic Red contains a massive 25 times MORE inorganic nitrates than beetroot.

How To Use Tectanic Red

I suggest using 30 grams of powder 2 hours pre training.  The powder is completely soluble therefore mixing 30 grams in 16 oz of water or a juice of your choice is the recommended way of consumption.

IMPORTANT:  Must use 2-3 hours pre-workout.  Do NOT use mouthwash when using Tectanic Red.  The mouthwash kills the bacteria needed to absorb the nitrates.

What To Expect

A minimum of 5% increase in endurance performance and strength.  The better “pump” will come from an increase in vasodilation that the product supports, meaning more blood flow to the muscle.  However if one combines Tectanic Red with a caffeine, which is a vasoconstrictor, the “pump” effect will be minimized.

Background of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Almost 20 years ago a company by the name of  MRI came with this product (see image below), NO2, and created a whole new supplement category.  That category was the “pump” category.  (Genius idea, to say the least, I give credit when credit is due)


It was based on the amino acid arginine increasing nitric oxide in the body thus giving you a better pump.  In reality, when the marketing hype dust cleared a few years after it came out, many people, including myself, felt that it was the biggest SCAM ever to hit the supplement industry.  Now let me be clear in that using nitric oxide to increase performance is a very good idea, however, trying to do it with L-arginine will not work.

I went on to write about this scam in this article.


and this article


Not only did I write about it but other people as well.  Like this article


If you took the time to read these articles you should be fairly convinced that simply arginine alone and their sub-partners do not do anything to increase your pump.  Fast forward a few years later after NO2 came out and my company, Proteinfactory.com, came out with our first “pump” product called Glyco-carn.  Glyco-carn was one of the first, if not THE first product to have decent studies behind it proving that it raised nitric oxide levels in the body.  We sold that for a while, but the cost was just too expensive for most people.  The price was around $100.00 for a month’s supply.  You need at least 4 grams daily (these pictures below are from the studies)




To take what was used in the study and at that dose most people couldn’t afford it.  However, that didn’t stop most supplement companies from using it.  And as predicted, most supplement companies just dusted it in to increase their profit margin while ripping you off.

Fast forward a few years later and the ingredient suppliers started to develop new ways to increase vascularity while you workout.  These ingredients were mainly from superfruits and we’re based on their anti-oxidants.  However, it was found that vegetables are even better to increase nitric oxide levels in the body because they contain a high amount of natural nitrates.  Better than a supplement you can use.  Thus, you can [clickToTweet tweet=”Eat more veggies, and this will be a great way to increase your pump while you workout.” quote=”Eat more veggies, and this will be a great way to increase your pump while you workout.”]

Here are the best videos explaining how eating vegetables can increase your pump and how it does it.  I highly suggest you watch them.

and this video (make sure you watch both)

After I had discovered this I wanted to supply my customers with a natural product high in nitrates.  Enter Tectanic.  The first sports nutrition supplement that was vegetable-based that contained a high level of nitrates.  Tectanic was a specially processed spinach powder that contained high amounts of nitrates.  Tectanic worked for a lot of people.  And we knew it would too be based on the science that you saw in the videos above.   Many of our customers enjoyed the product for a while.  But about a year and a half after the product came out something better came out.  I knew then I had to discontinue Tectanic and began working on the new version of Tectanic.

The version of the beetroot powder in Tectanic Red is a specially processed powder to contain a high level of natural nitrates.  It contains between 1.5% and 2.27% inorganic nitrates.  It is also nutrient-dense, containing significant quantities of polyphenols and potassium. Potassium is the primary electrolyte & plays a critical role by helping transport glucose into the muscle cell. It helps in minimizing muscle cramps and fatigue. It aids in faster recovery after the performance.

• 100% water-soluble
• No sugar
• No oxalate
• Source of potassium
• Neutral pH
• Non-GMO
• Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free

It gives you approximately 350mg of natural nitrates per serving.  How does this compare to eating vegetables?  Well, you’re going to be stoked!  If you were to try to get this amount of nitrates from spinach or kale you’d have to eat about 2lbs of greens before you worked out.  Forget that.  If you watched one of the videos above you’d see that arugula is the best vegetable to eat.  However go ahead and try to eat it, I dare you!  You might be able to do it the first few times, but after that, you’ll puke your brains out at the smell of it.  Like this guy

Forget about eating arugula, as it is not going to happen.  What makes Tectanic Red beetroot powder so special is the fact that you can quickly consume a hefty dose of natural nitrates pre workout!  The result is the best pump you have ever had.  Pre-workout products should all be like Tectanic Red, and It will give your muscles more oxygen to lift harder, get stronger, and the nitrates to give you a pump!  This product will be THE best pre workout product you have ever used.  I suggest taking it 2 hours BEFORE you workout.  Yes, that seems long but unfortunately, that is how long the process takes.

In addition, Tectanic is super healthy for you.  If you are concerned about your heart health, Tectantic RED is an awesome product for heart health.  Another added bonus.  ERECTIONS!

WARNING:  Do not use antiseptic mouthwash when using Tectanic Red.

In conclusion,

Tectanic, beetroot powder is our new pre workout pump product.

It’s the first product in sports nutrition history to have the nitrates, 3rd party lab-tested, in the supplement facts panel.

Natural nitrates are shown in studies to help boost athletic performance.  If you can increase your intake of natural nitrates your performance will improve.

Some studies below


Dietary nitrate supplementation improves team sport-specific intense intermittent exercise performance.

Whole beetroot consumption acutely improves running performance.

Mitochondrial biogenesis in mammals: the role of endogenous nitric oxide.

STACKING.  If you wish to stack Tectanic you can.  These are PROVEN, through research to also raise N.O. levels in the body.

You take Tectanic Red 2 to 3 hours pre workout and just make sure you take at least 2 teaspoons of citrulline peptides.

Have fun with your pump!


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