Bio Serum 1

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  • Bio-Serum 1 protein is a high-tech muscle-building protein powder specifically made for hard-core bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Helps increase muscle mass by providing you with a potent protein source.


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Product Description

Alex Rogers, President of Protein Factory, talks about his latest protein invention Bio Serum 1.  Listen below. 


Bio Serum -1 is the most sought-after protein powder by elite, hard-core, hardened bodybuilders.  We are the only protein company to sell this product because other companies don’t have the knowledge or expertise we have.  We have been inventing, researching, and formulating the world’s best protein powders since 1998.

Bio Serum is an ultra-high-quality protein made from bovine blood plasma.  It is a powerful anabolic and anti-catabolic protein powder to ignite your gains like never before.

Bio-Serum 1 contains a far superior amount of protein subfractions over any other protein in existence. Because of this, Bio-Serum 1 is the ultimate choice for muscle growth and anabolic effect.

Bio-Serum 1  contains more bioactive proteins and peptides than whey protein. The bioactivity of the proteins offers the athlete benefits beyond an excellent amino acid profile but increased anabolic potential as well. 

What is bio serum?

  • Plasma bovine albumin protein powder.

What does bio serum do?

  • Supports muscle recovery by providing a high bioavailable protein source.

What can you expect from bio serum?

  • The best protein powder you have ever experienced.

How to Use It

Buy some chocolate milk.  

I suggest going with anything organic, but if not, something like Trader Joes Chocolate Milk works. Your basic supermarket brand of chocolate milk works too. Fairlife contains more protein; however, it does contain artificial sweeteners, some have sucralose, and some have sucralose and acesulfame potassium. I stay away from artificial sweeteners. 

Buy chocolate milk powder.

I suggest getting ColaCoa and making your own chocolate drink. Here is the product link for that.

Regular Protein Drink

1/3 cup of Bio Serum  

16 oz of chocolate milk

Post Workout

1/3 cup of Bio Serum

16 oz of chocolate milk

1 banana

2-3 tbs of raw honey

One of my favorites

1/3 cup of Bio Serum

1-2 tsp Total Frag

2 banana


2-3 tbs raw honey

1 tbs almond butter

Nut Milk


Questions and Answers

Is it better than whey protein powder? 

I theorize that Bio Serum 1 is a better protein because it is an animal direct protein.  An animal direct protein is a protein source that comes from eating an animal, as our ancestors did.  Whey protein is not animal direct; it is a product OF the animal.  Additionally, humans did not have the ability to digest milk thousands of years ago.   Because humans are meant to eat animals.  Bio Serum is bovine blood plasma.  Additionally, is contains a massive amount of growth factors not found in whey.  Now don’t get me wrong, whey protein is an excellent protein, which is scientifically PROVEN by the DIAA method to determine protein quality.  And that is why I recommend combining the two when possible.

30% Bio Serum 1

30% Muscle Shake

30% Total Frag 250.

Talk about a potent protein powder!

Is it the same as beef protein?

No, it is not the same as beef protein, not even close!  Beef protein isolate has been around for decades.  It is nothing special and there is really no point using it, unless you are allergic to dairy, fish, and eggs.  Beef protein isolate is typically the muscle and skin of a cow.  Bio Serum 1 is blood plasma, not skin or muscle.

Buyer beware:  I can bet my house, wife, and farm that a supplement company will try to rip off this idea, just like all my other ideas.  So watch out.  They will use beef protein powder and not plasma.   I AM the ONLY company that has this powder.

How does it taste?

Not very good.  To drink it, we suggest making a chocolate drink as described above.

How much should I use?

Use at least 1/3 cup to give you 20 grams of protein.  There is no maximum amount you can use.  You can use it as your sole protein source.

Can I combine it with other proteins, like whey and egg?

Yes.  This is a great idea and recommended.

When is the best time to use Bio Serum 1?

I personally like post-workout (see my blend above).

Do you only take Bio Serum on workout days?

No, you can take Bio Serum whenever you need protein to meet your daily requirements.  We have a protein calculator if you need to calculate the protein amount you need every day if you are trying to build muscle.  Even on days you do not work out, you can still use Bio Serum to meet your daily requirement.  Remember, better quality protein equals better gains.

Do you take Bio Serum along with your regular protein or in place of it?

Either way is fine.  If you are on a budget, then maybe you want to ration the Bio Serum, thus, combining it with a whey protein powder is a good idea.  Or just use some chocolate milk and add 1 or 2 tbs of Bio Serum to it.  Here’s the bottom line that I tell everyone.  There is a direct correlation between quality nutrition and a healthy, muscular body.  I don’t know too many people that eat garbage and look healthy and muscular.  Therefore the higher quality protein you use, the higher quality body you will have.

The best quality proteins are as follows.

  1. Bio Serum
  2. Total Frag 250
  3. Muscle Shake
  4. Salmobolic 98
  5. Native whey protein

You literally cannot do any better as far as quality protein goes.  These are the best.