Weight Gain Supplements


What’s Included In Our Weight Gain Supplements Stack

  • 5 lbs of Oatmuscle
  • 5 lbs of Muscle Shake
  • 1 bottle of honey muscle
  • 1 lbs of Advanced BCAA

Product Description

If you are looking for weight gain supplements this is it!  We have put together a combination of our weight gain powders that will help you gain weight and put on muscle mass.


16 of organic whole milk or unhomogenized organic milk

1/3 cup of Oatmuscle

2 tbs of whey protein isolate

2 tbs of micellar casein

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you add FAT to this weight gain shake recipe.  I recommend using egg yolk powder.  If you cannot use egg yolk powder, then try hemp oil or flax oil.  I do not recommend using MCT oil as this most of the time acts as a laxative and consuming lots of it will have this effect.


Mix in vegetables.  This will add much needed calories, plus give you carbs with no sugar.  Remember you want to make your weight gain shakes without any sugar.  The less sugar the less chance you’ll have at putting on body fat.  Most of the common weight gain supplements being sold today contain maltodextrin and dextrose as the carbohydrate source.  This is very bad for several reasons.

  1.  even though maltodextrin does not contain sugar, it acts like a high glycemic carbohydrate and spikes your insulin level which could cause you to store extra body fat and increase fat storage in your body.
  2. most maltodextrins use genetically modified corn
  3. maltodextrin does not contain and nutrient value.  It is void of all vitamins and minerals.

For addition information on weight gainers and mass gainers please read this article.  The Ultimate Guide To The Best Mass Gainers

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs