Amino Acid Stack


See what REAL potent protein can do for your muscle gains!

Product Description

We have put together probably THE most potent protein stack available today.  Only for the hard-core, elite protein users because the taste of this stack is very bitter due to the high quality, low molecular weight peptides.  It is not meant to be used as a typical protein shake.  If you are used to drinking milk shakes disguised as protein supplements this is NOT the stack for you.

This stack is meant to utilize the building blocks of muscle.  Remember this simple fact that.

BCAA’s are the building blocks of muscle. 

You cannot get away from this fact.  The body uses BCAA’s to build muscle mass.  The body cannot MAKE BCAA’s, like it can L-glutamine, you have to EAT foods rich in protein to consume BCAA’s.  Whey protein is very high in BCAA’s, over 30% to be exact.  This Elite Protein Stack, consists of 3 proteins VERY high in BCAA, and mostly in peptide form.  By using this stack you are increasing your body’s intake of BCAA peptides.

Starting with the Hydrolyzed 520.  We have been selling Hydrolyzed 520 for about 15 years.  To date it has been our #1 selling hydrolyzed whey protein since we opened for business.  It has been the best because of the results people see from using this potent form of whey protein.  Why?  Because of the super low molecular weight of the peptides.  An average the peptides in the Hydrolyzed 520 are 5.2 amino acids long.  Almost di and tri peptides which is the final phase of absorption of amino acids.  This is a very potent form of whey protein.  Very absorbable and very fast to digest.  And keep in mind it is over 30% BCAA’s.

Next is the Advanced BCAA’s.  This product is made up of 50% BCAA’s.  All pre digested amino acids, and all coming from whey protein.  And what I love about this product is that you know where the amino acids are made from.  Typically if you have used BCAA’s in the past you used free form amino acids from China.  Un tested for purity, identity, and strength.  Advanced BCAA’s is the dominant form of BCAA’s in the world.

Finally Leucine Peptides.  Leucine is THE major player in protein synthesis.  Numerous studies have shown the Leucine helps protein synthesis.  Now keep in mind that leucine is one of the BCAA’s.

So now let’s put this stack together and show you how to utilize it for your best chance to shock your body into some new muscle growth.

Daytime Usage.

If you weigh less than 200lbs

2 tbs of 520

1 tbs of Advanced BCAA’s

1 tsp of Leucine Peptides

If you weigh over 200lbs

2 tbs of 520

2 tbs of Advanced BCAA’s

2 tsp of Leucine Peptides

 Now the hard part, how to drink it….I am talking about gaining muscle mass right now so we need to combine this stack with carbs.  If you can buy some lemonade and some grape juice.   Take 16 oz of grape juice and 6 oz of lemonade.  Use a blender bottle if you  have one.  Grape juice and lemonade work really well to minimize the bitter taste.  Other juices you may want to try are pink lemonade and lemon lime.

If you want LEAN gains, but not as effective at gaining muscle mass as above.  Use artificially flavored and sweetened drink mixes.  Crystal Light make a slew of them. Just remember to stick with grape and lemonade.

If you want quick gains you want to use this stack in between meals.  You will be giving your body a potent does of BCAA’s and protein.  This will help put your body in an anabolic state.

Post Workout Usage

Post workout is going to be an essential time to use this stack.  Definitely make sure you use carbs with this stack post workout or the protein is simply going to be chewed up for energy.

If you buy this stack it will last you about 1 month.  The Advanced BCAA and Leucine peptides should last you a little longer, so you’ll just have to re up on the Hydrolyzed 520.

Again, taste, if you have a problem with things tasting bitter, this is not for you.  But if you want to experience real high quality protein powders, something you’ll never see on the shelves of your local vitamin store, then I surely recommend this to you and you’ll see what REAL protein powders can do to produce the best results they possibly can.

Optional Anabolic Edge

You can manipulate insulin in the body while using this stack and improve the potency.  Consume dextrose or our Rilose with the stack.  Insulin will drive the BCAA’s into the muscle and help improve anabolic condition. I recommend this diet practice for people that want quick gains, but don’t mind some increases of bodyfat.  I do not recommend this for people looking to stay cut and keep their six pack.  If you have trouble gaining muscle than try this method.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs